“I Thought It Was A Slime”: Viral Blue Pizza Dough Leaves The Internet Amused

Pizza is a guilty pleasure for most foodies across the world. This universally loved dish rules millions of hearts. However, despite standing tall as the top pick for several foodies, even pizza couldn’t stay immune to the growing trend of bizarre food experiments. From watermelon pizza and Oreo pizza to dry fruit pizza, time and again the internet has brought forth several experiments involving the classic Italian dish. Just when we thought we had seen enough, the internet introduced us to blue pizza. And, no, it doesn’t include any food colour but a nutritious ingredient called spirulina, which gives it this unusual colour. The dish went viral after pizza chef Gabriel Reboul shared a video of its making on Instagram. The clip begins with the chef adding spirulina, and some ice cubes in a dough mixer and kneading it all together. The outcome was a beautiful ice-blue-hued dough. So far the clip has been viewed more than 42 million times.

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Before dividing the dough into equal halves, the chef drizzles some olive oil on it. Ditching the tomato-flavoured pizza sauce, the chef abided by the colour palette and went with pesto sauce and cheese on top of it. Then pizza goes in the woodfire oven. It is surprising to see that after being baked, the pizza no longer has a blue colour on top. You would have to break it to see the inside of the dough. Sharing the clip, the chef wrote, “If you ask me, there isn’t enough blue food”

In no time the comments section was flooded, with many expressing that they thought the blue dough was slime until the chef drizzled some olive oil on top. A comment read, “I thought it was slime.”

A user said, “I wasn’t paying attention and was 100% sure this was slime until there was oil on it.”

Another commented, “I thought it was a slime… But something better appeared!”

“I honestly thought this was slime all the way up until he took it out of the oven,” said a user.

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A few thought that the blue hue was because of the food colour, as a comment read, “Isn’t the blue food colour the worst of all?”

Explaining that it was not food colour, a user explained, “For all of these comments, it’s not blue food dye it’s Spirulina which is made from algae and is actually amazing for you/highly nutritious.”

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