Huge benefit! Gmail for Android gets new, easy-to-use, unsubscribe button

Are you tired of getting a huge number of unwanted newsletters in your Gmail account? Well, here is some good news! The problem will now be solved as the Gmail Android app will now include an unsubscribe button in the emails. This will make it easier for Android app users to get rid of unwanted emails that fill up their inboxes incessantly. Now, users can focus on important emails through their smartphones by simply unsubscribing from the newsletters. Check when you will be able to see the unsubscribe button on your Gmail Android app.

Gmail unsubscribe button for Android app

According to an Android Police report, Gmail for Android will be integrating a new unsubscribe button on top of the email, enabling users to get rid of unwanted newsletters or emails that they receive on a daily basis. However, the unsubscribe button will appear in different ways on each email due to the publisher’s preferences. Earlier, Gmail enabled users to unsubscribe from newsletters through the web app, however, for Android app users it was a long overdue feature.

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As per the report, Android app users will be able to locate the unsubscribe button at the top right corner of the email. Upon clicking the button, you may be directed to the newsletter’s unsubscribe website or you will receive a pop-up message.

Note that the unsubscribe button has not been made available to all smartphone users, however, it was seen in the Pixel 8 Pro version. Therefore, Google might be rolling out the feature gradually for all the Gmail Android app users. In December we saw the redesigning of the unsubscribe button for the web app and now the feature will be available for Android users as well.

Furthermore, a tipster on X named AssembleDebug also shared a post with two new features for the Gmail app: Manage subscriptions and report illegal content, however, the functionalities of these features are unknown and the tipster himself was not sure about what they would actually do. As of now, you will be able to see the unsubscribe button on your Gmail app soon, as it has started to roll out for all Android phones.

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