How To Make Viral Chinese Fruit Candy Thats Taking Over Social Media

Looking for a fun, sweet snack? Look no further. If you are a fan of watching viral food videos on social media, you might have come across Tanghulu – a sugar-coated candy made using fresh fruits. Tanghulu is a popular street snack sold in China. If you cannot find this treat around your place, you can also make it at home. Tanghulu looks pretty, with brightly colored fruits on a skewer coated in a glossy, transparent, hard sugar shell. If you are looking for a sweet treat with fresh fruits, you might just fall in love with Tanghulu. However, if you have to restrict sugar in your diet due to health conditions, you may have to keep your distance from this sugary fruit candy.

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What Does Tanghulu Taste Like?

Tanghulu has a super sweet taste on the outside and a fruity-juicy taste as you bite into it, depending on which fruits you have chosen. You can take sour or citrusy fruits to play with the sugar and sour fruit combination. Or if you want your candy wholly sweet, you can choose sweet fruits. The texture of the outside shell is crunchy and crackly, while the inside is soft and chewy.

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Which Fruits Are Used In Tanghulu?

Traditionally, Tanghulu was made using hawthorn berries, which have a sour flavor. However, since these berries are not easily available in other parts of the world, people usually resort to choosing strawberries instead. You can choose any fruit you like. However, make sure the surface of the fruit is not wet or has any moisture on the outside, as that will prevent sugar from sticking to it. Apart from strawberries, other popular fruit options include grapes, blueberries, kiwi, and oranges.

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How To Make Tanghulu At Home

Making Tanghulu at home can be easy if you know how to work with sugar. You have to work fast while coating the fruits, as we do not want the sugar to crystallize. As always, some practice and the use of the right technique and ratio of ingredients can help in mastering this recipe. Once the fruits are lined on the skewers, you have to dip them in a mix of sugar, water, and light corn syrup boiled together. Once the fruits are dipped in the sugar mix, the skewer is placed in an ice bath so that it sets completely. Here is the full step-by-step recipe.

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