How To Cut Bell Peppers Like A Pro? Chef-Special Tricks Impresses Internet

Bell peppers are versatile. From sabzis to pizza, the vegetable enhances the taste and adds texture to the dish. While many of us enjoy using these delights in various recipes, the correct way to cut bell peppers is not known to all. To provide a solution, Chef Ajay Chopra recently shared a video on Instagram to teach us how to “cut bell peppers like a pro” for different needs. In the clip, he demonstrates three different methods for cutting the vegetable.

How To Cut Bell Peppers? 3 Easy Tips You Must Know:

Method 1:

For the first method, he takes a bell pepper, removes its stem, and tears it open with his hands. Then, he separates the seeds and chops the vegetables randomly. He suggests that cutting bell peppers this way can be helpful when making sabzis.

Method 2:

In the second method, he demonstrates how to get cleaner slices of bell pepper. He cuts off the upper and lower parts of the vegetable, then makes a vertical cut on one side. By rotating the knife on the inner side, the Chef separates the entire white portion of the bell pepper. He suggests that with the remaining bell pepper, one can easily cut dice, julienne, brunoise, smaller dice, or any other shape. He also advises not to throw out the white portion and seeds, as they could be easily used in sabzis and salads.

Method 3:

Describing the third and easiest way, Chef suggests cutting the bell pepper into four equal slices. Then one can remove the white part and easily have clean wedges.

“Want to cut bell peppers like a pro watch this video and cut bell peppers for your Chinese Indian vegetables for your salads,” reads the text attached to the video.

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After watching the video, many people praised Chef Ajay Chopra in the comment section.

A user wrote, “Really ye awesome he muje ye chahiye tha ki how to cut shimla mirch [This is really awesome. I truly wanted to know how to cut capsicum.] thanks for sharing.”

Another one added, “God bless you for your efforts in helping others!”

“Cutting skill is fab.!!!Mr.Chef.!!!” read a comment

Will you try these methods to chop bell peppers?

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