How Long Can You Store Cornstarch In Your Pantry?

Have you ever wondered how the soups served at restaurants are super thick? Or how the cutlets you ordered online had the most perfect crispy coating? Then chances are that cornstarch was the secret ingredient behind this. Cornstarch is a white powder-like substance, made from corn, and used as a thickening agent in your dishes. You can easily confuse it with all-purpose flour (maida), but an easy way to differentiate it is by tasting it. Cornstarch is a velvety smooth powder with no taste. Whether you are a newbie or an expert in the kitchen, cornstarch must have come to your culinary use. But have you ever wondered what the shelf life of this ingredient is? Read to learn more about the culinary king!

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Cornstarch is made from dry corn kernels.

Cornstarch is made from dry corn kernels.
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How Is Cornstarch Made?

Cornstarch, which is also known as corn flour, is made with dried corn kernels and emerges into a powdery form from a fascinating process. It starts by drying corn kernels and removing the starchy part. Then it’s washed, dried, and milled into the fine powder we use in our kitchens. Cornstarch is a culinary powerhouse and not just ideal for thickening gravy. From making sauces smooth to giving a crispy crunch to your snacks, cornstarch can do it all!

Does Cornstarch Expire?

The good news is that cornstarch does not go bad and is one baking staple that can last for years. The only way cornstarch does go bad is when moisture or pests are able to enter it. Since it’s white in color, you will be able to notice it immediately. It might also give off a funky taste or smell when it goes bad. Even if moisture clumps up the cornstarch, it will not lose its potency. While it is perfectly fine to use even after the “best before” date mentioned on its box by the manufacturer, it may fail to produce the desired results!

Cornstarch is powdery and has a bland taste.

Cornstarch is powdery and has a bland taste.
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How To Store Cornstarch?

To preserve the freshness and potency of your cornstarch, make sure to store it properly. Cornstarch should be stored in a cool, dry place away from moisture and sunlight. You will also want to make sure to store it in a tightly sealed container, away from mice, insects, and other pests as they could be attracted to the cornstarch.

How To Use Cornstarch In Kitchen And Around The House?

Cornstarch is a kitchen superhero. You will find it used in all sorts of recipes, especially when you need to make restaurant-style thick soup at home. Picture rich gravies, crispy cutlets, and delectable desserts – they all get a boost from cornstarch. Here’s a simple trick: You only need half as much cornstarch as you would any other thickening agent to get the desired amount of thickness in your dishes. Just mix cornstarch with water and let it simmer to thicken things up.

But cornstarch usage is not just limited to the kitchen but also around the house. This could also be used as baking soda’s sidekick to freshen up smelly spots and scrub away tough stains from your pans. What’s more, soak up all the greasy stains on your kitchen slabs or dining tables with cornstarch.

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