“How Is It Still Zero?”: Rohit Sharma On Viral Stump-Mic Exchange With Umpire

Indian cricket team skipper Rohit Sharma© AFP

Indian cricket team skipper Rohit Sharma is well known for his hilarious one-liners and in recent times, he has been caught delivering witty quips on the stump mic in the middle of the matches. One such exchange that went viral on social media happened during the third T20I match against Afghanistan in Bengaluru. Rohit was dismissed for a duck in the two previous matches of the series and in the third match, he got off the mark with a boundary. However, umpire Virender Sharma signalled that it was a leg-bye which led to Rohit delivering an epic dialogue. “Arey Viru, thigh-pad diya kya pehla four? Bat laga tha! (Hey Viru, did you signal for the thigh pad on the first four? I hit that with my bat!)”

In a recent event, Rohit opened up about the incident and said that his reaction came from the fact that he had not scored a single run in the series till then. As a result, it was very important for him to get the first runs and when the leg-bye was given, he could not stop himself from reacting.

“When you’re coming off two zeros, we know how important scoring the first run is. I scored a four off the bat but the umpire probably didn’t notice it and signalled them as leg byes. I usually don’t look at the scoreboard much while batting. My mind is on batting, but when the over was completed, my eyes went up there and I saw that Rohit Sharma still on 0. I was like ‘I just scored a four. How is it still zero?’ So, I asked him ‘Viru, did you give it off the thigh pad?’,” Rohit said during an event in Bilaspur.

Rohit was also asked about if he has a favourite among the one-liners that have gone viral in the past and the India skipper said that he just keeps talking by himself and has no special preferences.

“See, I don’t have any favourite line as such and I don’t even do it deliberately. Now I am the captain so I stand in the slips, because the angle from there helps me get a better look at the fielders and take stock of DRS. So I keep talking to the fielders and it gets recorded,” he said.

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