Hate Wasting Food? Here Are 5 Ways To Utilise Leftover Tomato Puree

If you dislike wasting food, you likely appreciate the need for creativity in the kitchen to maximise ingredients. Often, surplus base ingredients linger in the fridge, awaiting consumption, whether initially prepared for a gathering or unintentionally made in excess. Leftovers can become a kitchen burden, and for financial reasons, it is advisable to use them mindfully. Tomato puree, a staple ingredient prepared abundantly, is no exception. If you struggle to make the most of it, fret not. We have compiled a list of five ways to repurpose leftover tomato puree.

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Tomato powder can be used in soups and stews.

Tomato powder can be used in soups and stews.
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Here Are 5 Ways To Utilise Leftover Tomato Puree

1. Tomato Powder

If you have excess tomato puree, consider transforming it into tomato powder. Although the process is laborious, it is straightforward and worthwhile. You’ll only need two appliances: an oven and a food processor. Spread a thin layer of tomato puree on a non-stick baking sheet and heat it for up to 12 hours at a low temperature to create a tomato leather. Periodically flip the sheet to ensure even drying. Once sufficiently dried, process the puree in a food processor, then dry the granules in the oven. Blend again for a finer powder and store it in an airtight container.

2. Tomato Rice

Make a delicious South Indian dish, tomato rice, using leftover puree. This healthy, one-pot recipe requires simple ingredients like onions, oil, mustard seeds, spices, soaked rice, and tomato puree. Quick and flavorful, tomato rice pairs well with raita, salad, pickle, and papad. Find the recipe here.

3. Tomato Chutney

For a quick solution, try making a simple tomato chutney with your leftover tomato puree. This condiment complements pulao and South Indian meals like Idli, sambar, and vada. Prepare it by blending tomato puree with spices, garlic, and ginger. Serve it fresh. Discover the recipe here.

Tomato puree can be used to make healthy and delicious tomato soup.

Tomato puree can be used to make healthy and delicious tomato soup.
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4. Tomato Soup

Combat the winter chill with a comforting bowl of tomato soup using leftover puree. A restaurant favourite, tomato soup combines tomato puree, herbs, spices, and water or vegetable broth. Enhance it with cream and croutons for a satisfying meal. Follow the recipe here.

5. Tomato Pasta Sauce

Transform leftover tomato puree into a pasta base for a flavorful recipe. The Indianized version features a tomato puree base, imparting a mildly sweet and rich flavour. Combine tomato puree with garlic, onions, spices, and herbs, simmer until thick, and add boiled pasta. Garnish with shredded cheese to complete the dish.

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Have you discovered other innovative ways to use leftover tomato puree? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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