Happy Lohri 2024: A Well-Assorted Dinner Menu For Your Lohri Party (With Recipes)

It’s time for some dhol and bhangra as Lohri 2024 is here! Punjabis around the world have geared up to celebrate the festival with a bonfire, dance, popcorns, rewri and more. One of the first festivities of the year, Lohri signifies the last night of winter solstice. It commemorates the beginning of the harvest season and the end of the long winter nights. As per the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated on the eve of Makar Sankranti (referred to as Maghi in Punjabi). This year Lohri falls on January 14, 2024.

Besides music, dance and bonfire, food plays a significant role in Lohri celebrations. As per the tradition, people offer foods made of til, gur and peanuts to the Holy fire to mark the end of the seasonal produce for a new beginning. What adds on to the essence of the festival is the Lohri-special thali that includes all the flavourful Punjabi winter delicacies. Families, friends and relatives come together to enjoy their favourite Makki ki roti, Sarson ka saag, gajar halwa etc before the season ends.

If you are planning to throw a Lohri party this year and still struggling with the dinner menu, then fret not; we have got you covered! We prepared a well-planned dinner menu for you that will help put together a lavish meal on the Lohri night.

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Lohri Special: Here’s A 3-Course Menu (With Recipes) For You:

For Starter:

Matar kebab:

What’s a party without some kebabs to indulge! Here’s a spicy, scrumptious green pea kebab recipe for you that is sure to set the tone for the night. Click here for the recipe.


Palak patta chaat:

The very thought of those crispy fried spinach leaves and tantalising chutneys on the top melts our heart and makes us slurp. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that a plate of crunchy, spicy palak patta chaat is a treat for your taste-buds. Keeping this in mind, we bring the authentic palak patta chaat recipe for you to add to the Lohri menu. Click here for the recipe.

For Main Course:

Makki ki roti-sarson ka saag:

A must-have dish in the Lohri dinner menu, makki ki roti-sarson ka saag defines the food culture of Punjab. All you need to do is, dunk a roti in the gooey, creamy and flavorful saag and relish. This amazing combination defines indulgence. Click here for the recipe.


Chhole bhature:

Let’s admit it- chhole bhature is all things spicy, greasy and decadent. Flavourful chhole gravy with hot and crispy bhature makes one essential part of every Punjabi dinner menu. Click here for the recipe.

For Dessert:

Gur ka halwa

No meal seems complete without some traditional dessert at the end. Here’s a halwa recipe that includes jaggery, semolina, dry fruits and oodles of ghee and melts in your mouth in no time. Click here for the recipe.


Lohri 2024: Halwa makes an integral part of every celebration

Til ki barfi

Til is widely used to prepare different dishes during Lohri. And one popular til-based delicacy is til ki barfi. A crispy, wafer-like sweet treat, til ki barfi can be a perfect dish to munch throughout the festive night. Click here for the recipe.

Murmura ladoo

Another winter delicacy that holds a constant place in a Lohri menu is murmura ladoo. Made with puffed rice and jaggery, it is crispy, fluffy and can be whipped up at home in just 10 minutes. Click here for recipe.

Happy Lohri 2024, everyone!

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