Guru Randhawa Pulls A Prank On Two Chinese Restaurants And We Cant Stop Laughing

Guru Randhawa’s love for food is no secret, thanks to his social media posts that keep fans updated about all his gastronomical adventures. His latest Instagram entry hints that he was craving some Chinese food recently. However, instead of ordering, the Punjabi singer decided to prank two different Chinese restaurants. Guru Randhawa dropped a video that captures his prank in all its glory. The video begins with Guru holding two phones close to each other. Soon we realize that the singer dialed two different restaurants and put the call on speaker at the same time. The clip opens with a text that reads, “When you call two Chinese restaurants at the same time.” While one call was picked up by a woman, there was a man on the other end. After receiving the call, as the woman says, “Hello,” the man responds, “Yeah, how can I help you?” FYI: Both were waiting to take the order. But Guru was busy trying to control his laughter. 

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Just to confirm that she heard right, the woman repeats herself, but only gets the same answer, “Yeah, how may I help you,” back. To make herself clear, she says, “This is a Chinese restaurant,” but the man on the other end thinks that she is questioning him and again repeats, “Yeah, how can I help you yeah?” Listening to this conversation, even the man recording Guru’s video couldn’t hold back and started laughing. Meanwhile, on call, the confused woman says, “What?” Thinking that the man on the other end is unable to listen to him, the man screams, “Yeah.” Then the woman decides to come straight to the point and asks, “What’s your order?” But the confused man again repeats himself, “How can I help you? This is the Chinese restaurant, how can I help you?” The annoyed woman, wondering if the man is trying to pull a prank on her, straight away questions him, “You want to order or not?” The man says, “What do you mean? This is a Chinese restaurant. I didn’t call you. You called me.” The woman clarifies, “No, I haven’t called you.” This is when Guru Randhawa couldn’t control himself and cut the calls to burst into laughter. 

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Sharing the clip, Guru Randhawa wrote, “This is so amazing, enjoy.” Oh, yes Guru Randhawa we enjoyed it thoroughly. Check out the complete video here: 

Needless to say, the comments section was flooded with innumerable laughing emoticons. Many users also channelled their inner wit in the comments section. A comment read, “Best solution… jab Chinese samajh mein nahi aati ho…,” and ended with laughing emoticons. 

A user commented, “OMG this is lol.” 

Another wrote, “Very funny,” and added a handful of laughing emoticons. 

So far the clip has been viewed more than a million times and fans are loving Guru’s prankster avatar. 

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