Gordon Ramsay Prepares Indias Staple Butter Chicken With Tomato Sauce, Internet Reacts

When Gordon Ramsay puts his cooking skills to the test, we blindly trust his process. The celebrity chef is a culinary magician, sprinkling his powers into making the most exquisite cuisines. A strict food critic, he reviews dishes with complete honesty. But this time around, it was the online community that found themselves judging the preparation of the 17-time Michelin stars recipient. After all, when the subject is about an Indian delicacy, desis are bound to share their opinions. The food item we are talking about is the creamy and delicious butter chicken curry but with an additional tomato sauce twist by Gordon Ramsay. 

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Sharing the video on Instagram, the chef spilled the secrets to his special butter chicken recipe, calling it a “curry in a hurry.” The chef starts by marinating the succulent chicken pieces with salt, and an array of spices. Adding a dollop of gooey yoghurt, he mixes the concoction uniformly. 

Pouring oil in a separate pan, he mixes chopped onions, sliced ginger, cardamom, cut-up red chillies, and minced coriander before stir-frying them with 2 butter cubes and more masalas. Taking the path less trodden, he drizzles a good amount of tomato sauce into the mixture to prepare the gravy and adds a generous quantity of milk, before cooking it. Next, Gordon Ramsay pours the ingredient-rich gravy into the mixer for a smooth and thick blend before cooking the chicken in it. Ahead of serving the hot-and-spicy tomato sauce-infused butter chicken, grated lemon extract, and three additional butter cubes were dropped into the mix. 

Reactions quickly appeared on the experimental tomato butter chicken recipe. 

One user found the dish to be quite “acceptable.” 

A foodie was desperate to “get a bite.” 

Offering cooking tips to the acclaimed chef, a person urged him to “add cashew nuts paste to make it creamy.”

A food enthusiast wrote, “Tomato sauce?! Lemon zest? I guess that’s a different version of the dish, not butter chicken. Not close.”

Someone else found the item to have “a bit too much-powdered spice.”

Another user pointed out the audacity of the common people “disagreeing with a Michelin-starred chef”

So far, the video has garnered over 4.4 million views. Would you like to taste the dish too?

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