Google Pixel owner? ‘Satellite SOS’ feature for emergencies rolling out to you now

In a big development, Google Pixel phones are set to introduce the “Satellite SOS” feature, a potential game-changer for emergency communication when traditional networks fail. This innovative capability, reminiscent of Apple’s iPhone emergency service, was revealed through a recent update to Google’s “Adaptive Connectivity Services” app by the Google News channel on Telegram.

“Satellite SOS” Emerges on Google Pixel Phones

Although not officially announced, the “Satellite SOS” feature has already started making its appearance on Google Pixel phones this week according to a report by 9to5Google. Users can catch a glimpse of it in the Settings > Safety & emergency section, positioned between Emergency SOS and Car Crash Detection, following an inadvertent rollout by Google through the Adaptive Connectivity Services update.

What to Expect from “Satellite SOS”

Presently, tapping on “Satellite SOS” does not activate any menus, but a sneak peek into the feature reveals its potential functionalities. The Satellite SOS page outlines its purpose: users can send messages to emergency services, share their location via Google Maps, and answer critical questions during emergencies when mobile or Wi-Fi networks are inaccessible.

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Google emphasizes transparency regarding the information shared during satellite connectivity with emergency services. Personal details such as name, email, phone number, location, device information, and emergency information will be provided to ensure effective assistance.

The settings page also provides links to a Google support page detailing the countries supported by Satellite SOS, although it is not yet live. Additionally, a connection to a Garmin Search and Rescue Insurance plan hints at a potential collaboration with Garmin for satellite connectivity.

Despite the absence of functional demos like “Try a demo” or “Test real mode,” the widespread appearance of the shortcut on Google Pixel phones and the comprehensive settings menu suggests that the release of this feature is imminent. Although the exact launch date remains uncertain, the readiness of the settings menu implies that users can anticipate the “Satellite SOS” feature on their Google Pixel devices in the near future.

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