Google Messages reportedly working on a hidden selfie GIFs feature; Know what it may bring

In a sneak peek into the future of messaging, Google seems to be cooking up a surprise for Android users. The December Pixel Feature Drop of 2023 brought a slew of enhancements, from Video Boost for the Pixel 8 Pro to Night Sight Timelapse for other Pixel devices. However, it seems Google might have discreetly tucked away an unrevealed gem – the ability to create selfie GIFs.

Uncovering the Hidden Gem

As reported by AssembleDebug on TheSpAndroid, a hidden feature within a recent version of Google Messages hints at the arrival of selfie GIFs. Enabling the feature reportedly involves a simple long press on the camera attachment icon beside the text field.

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Capture the Moments in a Circular Frame

Once activated, a fresh UI emerges, showcasing a circular camera frame. Users can then opt for the front or back cameras to record a delightful four-second video, transformable into a GIF to be sent to the recipient. Notably, a handy Restart button is available for those who wish to give it another shot after a potential mishap.

A Sneak Peek Behind the Frames

The images accompanying the discovery reveal the feature in action, though it’s noted that the UI may seem slightly off-frame due to a bug on the tester’s end using a custom ROM.

As for when this exciting selfie GIFs feature will go public, the timeline remains uncertain. In a parallel development, a feature announced in the December Pixel Feature Drop recently landed on the original Pixel Watch this month.

Beyond the realm of GIFs, Google Messages is also gearing up for handling dual SIM in RCS, a feature spotted in the works. While users can expect both phone numbers to appear in Messages’ RCS chat settings, some functionality quirks suggest Google may still need to flip a server-side switch for seamless operation.

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