Google Maps revolutionises navigation; new feature guides you to building entrances

Google Maps, a navigation juggernaut, has continually evolved its platform with advanced features since its inception. However, one basic yet crucial aspect was missing – directing users to the precise entrances of buildings or locations. Acknowledging this gap, Google is now incorporating a feature to address this common navigational challenge.

According to a recent report by Android Police, the latest version (11.17.0101) of the Google Maps app for Android is currently testing the display of entrances in select locations across Germany and the United States. The feature has been tested across various establishments such as cafes, offices, supermarkets, hardware stores, and restaurants in cities like Las Vegas, San Francisco, Berlin, and New York City. Notably, the entrances are marked by a distinctive icon featuring an entry symbol within a white circle.

Google Maps Building Entrance and Exit Feature

Upon tapping a location adorned with this entrance icon, the platform responds by highlighting it in red, aiding users in easily discerning it from other nearby spots. While this feature may be less relevant for smaller buildings, it proves invaluable when navigating big places like malls or hospitals. However, it’s worth noting that the initial rollout may not be flawless, with reports of occasional inaccuracies in pinpointing entrances to certain locations.

Currently, Google has introduced this feature to a limited user base, indicating that it is in the testing phase. Unfortunately, there is no official information on when this enhancement will be available to the wider public. Anticipated gradual rollouts over the next few months are expected, though the process of adding entrances to all locations may take some time.

This latest enhancement follows a series of recent updates by Google Maps, including the introduction of ‘Glanceable Directions,’ a feature allowing users to view directions even when their phone is locked. Additionally, the platform has integrated generative AI-powered search capabilities, enriching the exploration of new and exciting places. As Google continues to refine its navigation tool, users can look forward to a more seamless and informed mapping experience.

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