Google Gemini AI gets precision control! Chatbot allows users to fine tune responses creatively

In a bid to empower users with unparalleled customization, Google has just rolled out an innovative feature for its Gemini AI-powered chatbot. This latest addition allows users to finely tune the responses generated by the chatbot, offering a level of granular control never seen before.

Unlike traditional chatbot interactions, where the entire response might need regeneration, this feature enables users to focus on specific portions of the text. The tool lets users make precise adjustments, be it tweaking the length, regenerating a selected segment, or even completely removing it. As of now, this functionality is exclusively available on the web app version of Gemini, with no extension to the mobile app.

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Google, in a recent announcement, stated, “We’re introducing a more precise way for you to tune Gemini’s responses. Starting with the English language on the Gemini web app, simply select the portion of text you want to change, provide Gemini with instructions, and receive an output that aligns more closely with your expectations.” This enhancement aims to give users greater control over their creative process by facilitating edits at a more localized level.

How to Make the Most of the Feature

Using the feature is straightforward. Users only need to select the text portion they wish to modify, triggering the appearance of a pencil icon. Upon clicking the icon, a pop-up menu offers four options: regenerate, shorter, longer, and remove. These options allow users to tweak the response according to their preferences, tailoring it to suit specific requirements.

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However, it’s essential to note potential limitations. Users might encounter a ‘Gemini couldn’t do that’ response in certain scenarios, often arising from unsupported text formatting changes, lack of instructions for modification, or queries beyond the chatbot’s comprehension, according to a 9to5Google report.

Google imposes restrictions on altering text responses derived from extensions, responses featuring code blocks, and selections incorporating images. Presently, this feature is confined to the English language and exclusively functions on the web version of Gemini, with no immediate plans for expansion to other languages or platforms.

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