Google Art Selfie 2 out! Now, put yourself in paintings with generative AI

Generative AI image generation has been one of the biggest trends in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). With OpenAI, and Microsoft introducing their AI-powered image generation tools, Google has also announced its Art Selfie 2 which offers the power of generative AI to create “stylized images”. Earlier, this feature simply placed your face in the already created paintings. Now, things have changed totally with Google Art Selfie 2. Yes, it has everything to do with a selfie, plus a lot of AI magic added to it. Know how the new Art Selfie 2 works with the help of AI.

About Google Art Selfie 2

According to the 9To5Google report, Google Art Selfie 2 enables you to first, capture your selfie, or a group selfie, and then choose from 25 styles in various categories such as Art, History, and Travel. The result is that your selfie will become a part of a totally new painting in the style that you actually requested! The categories include Georgian Era, Medieval Knight, Monet’s Garden, Holi Celebration, Aviation Pioneer, Gaucho, Frida Kahlo Portrait, Roman Gladiator, Performing Shakespeare, Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, Serengeti Safari, and more.

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Google also says that it will include more categories in the coming months to enhance user experience. It also says that the AI will help create a “stylized image around your face, seamlessly blending your selfie into the chosen scenario but hair, head coverings, jewellery, and clothing may be replaced in the generated image.”

The image style will also contain “topical facts” which will consist of informative details about the the chosen style. These facts will appear when you are waiting for image generation. Also, note that only the actual users will have access to the newly created images and Google will provide sharing options. This is expected to take care of any privacy concerns that a user may have.

Google has been experimenting with various AI features to integrate into smartphones and their applications. With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, Google also introduced its new Circle to search feature which has been gaining a lot of popularity among smartphone users. It is also speculated that the feature will also come to the Google Pixel phones in the coming months. Now, with Google Art Selfie 2 smartphones users can experience a new way of transforming their images.

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