Good news! iPhone 17 non-Pro models may get Promotion Always-On-Display

Apple is currently working on the launch of the iPhone 16 series this year. While various rumors are circulating about these devices, a new leak has shed light on the next year’s iPhone 17 model too. It may be too early to make any assumption about the iPhone 17 series, however, in what will be extremely good news for buyers, Apple has been speculated to include the ProMotion Always-On Display for iPhone 17 and iPhone 17 Plus models and not limit it to the Pro models only. This leak was spotted in the new supply-chain report and it is already creating a buzz.

iPhone 17 to feature Always-On-Display?

The current iPhone 15 base models feature the LPTS (low-temperature polycrystalline silicon) displays while the iPhone 15 Pro models support LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) display which is required for the Always-On Display feature. Now, a new rumor claims that all four models of the iPhone 17 including the two base models (i.e. iPhone 17 and iPhone 17 Plus) will be backed by the LTPO display which is required to support the ProMotion Always-On Display.

According to The Elec report, Apple has partnered with a second LPTO display supplier called BOE apart from Samsung displays which currently designs iPhone’s Pro model screens. This move is expected to help Apple meet the volume requirements for including LTPO displays for their non-pro iPhones. The report said, “The prospect that ‘Apple will apply LTPO TFT to all four types as originally planned because iPhone 17 series differentiation is more important.” It also added that if BOE’s LTPO technology does not meet the expectations, then Apple will include an LTPO-type OLED display in the entire iPhone 17 series. For the iPhone 16 series, it is expected to remain the same as the iPhone 15 series.

Not sure which
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To be sure, we will have to wait until Apple makes an official announcement about the iPhone 16 and iPhone 17 devices as the above-mentioned report is based rumors and speculation.

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