Goan-Style Brinjal Pickle Will Make You Fall In Love With Brinjal All Over Again

Brinjal or aubergines or ‘baingan’ lovers can never have enough of their favourite bhartas or fried masala baingan dish. However, brinjal recipes in India are much more than these popular main course dishes. Your beloved brinjal also makes a mouth-watering pickle and this is no new experiment. Brinjal pickles are one of the iconic delicacies of Goan cuisine. These pair beautifully with Goan fish curry rice or any simple rice and dal combo. Just a little quantity of this pickle is enough to add a zing and flavourful kick to your humble rice and curry or dal. Goan cuisine is known for its non-vegetarian dishes, however, this vegetarian pickle recipe is one of the few vegetarian dishes that has long been a favourite for generations of Goans.

What Does The Brinjal Pickle Taste Like?

Brinjal pickle or baingan ka achar has a mix of sweet and spicy flavours. Usually, the first taste you get is sweet, followed by sourness and then a spicy kick. Brinjal also adds a unique flavour and texture that sets this pickle apart from the rest. You will experience lots of flavours and textures in just a single bite.
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How To Choose The Best Brinjals For The Pickle

Choose good quality brinjal and spices for making this pickle at home. This pickle is made with long dark purple brinjals. Choose firm brinjals with shiny skin. Prefer choosing brinjals with fewer seeds that are also less bitter. These brinjals can be identified by the shallow, round indent at the bottom.

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How To Make Goan Brinjal Pickle At Home | Goan Brinjal Pickle Recipe

Once the brinjals are cut into pieces, season the pieces with salt and place them in a sieve to allow all the moisture to drain out. The brinjal pickle is prepared by flash-frying the ingredients. Flash-frying is a cooking technique in which the food is fried with a little oil at a very high temperature for just a few minutes. This technique helps to lock in the flavour and juices of the ingredients and also prevents too much of the oil from seeping inside the food.
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For flash frying the ingredients, just add two tablespoons of oil to a frying pan on high heat, and fry the brinjals for only a few minutes. Take these out and place them on absorbent kitchen towels. Now flash fry curry leaves and slices of garlic cloves. Add the spices paste (click here for complete recipe) and fry till the oil starts to separate. Add the fried brinjals, salt and sugar. Cook on low heat for a few minutes. Do not overcook or the brinjals will turn mushy. Let the pickle cool and then store it in a sterilized glass bottle. Allow the pickle to sit for a week in a cool place before you consume it.

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