Gemini now lets you access Google Calendar on Android devices; create events easily with voice commands

Last month Google renamed its AI chatbot from Bard to Gemini. The company also announced the Gemini app can be integrated into various Google Workspace apps. However, Gemini did not have access to the Google Calendar app, but things have changed now. With AI-powered assistants available on various Android apps, users can easily perform their daily tasks with simple text and voice prompts. Know how users can create and access events on Google Calendar via Gemini.

Gemini in Google Calendar

According to a 9To5Google report, the Gemini feature in Google Calendar has been available to Android users in the US. This feature is said to be long overdue according to Google’s “things to fix ASAP” list. Now, the feature has started to roll out to various users. By integrating Gemini into Calendar, users can perform various basic tasks such as creating an event or reviewing the upcoming events of the day.

Also, to follow user commands, Gemini is taking advantage of Google Assistant to carry out tasks for the Calendar. Therefore, it’s more like Google Assistant powered by Gemini that will enable creatiion of tasks on the Google Calendar app.

To create or check the event on Google Calendar, just ask Gemini “Show me my calendar” or “Do I have any upcoming calendar events” and you can also command “add an event to my calendar.”

Just like the integration to Google Calendar, Gemini also helps users to write. It also supported creating AI-generated images until it faced serious backlash over generating inaccurate and racist images. However, Google says that the image generation feature is now undergoing change and that they will bring an improved version later this year.

Apart from Google Calendar, Android users can also access Gemini to create lists on Google Keep. Users just have to command “Help me create a list”. With this feature, users can create their to-do lists, grocery lists, and more. These are some of the unique features of Gemini which set it apart from others in the market.

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