From Weight Loss To Bone Health: 5 Health Benefits Of Munching On Roasted Chana

Roasted chana is one snack that we all have fond memories of. It’s been a constant in Indian households, and we simply cannot get enough of it. You must recall your mother or father giving you a handful before going to school or on a chilly winter evening. Even now, it makes its way through our snacking sessions with family, office tiffins, and even while travelling. This crunchy snack is enriched with several essential nutrients and is one of the healthiest snacks out there. Nowadays, we have access to a variety of different “healthy” foods available in the market. However, all of them might not really keep up with their promises. You must instead opt for this classic roasted chana and see how it transforms your health. Find below a list of the remarkable health benefits it has to offer.
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Is Roasted Chana Healthy? Here Are 5 Health Benefits Of Roasted Chana:

1. Packed with fibre and protein

Roasted chana helps fulfil both your fibre and protein intake. A 100-gm serving of this crunchy snack contains approximately between 18 and 20 gms of both of these nutrients. This ensures that your stomach stays full for a longer period of time, thus preventing binge eating. Apart from this, it also helps increase energy levels and will help you stay more alert and active.

2. Aids in weight loss

The fact that roasted chana is high in fibre also makes it excellent for weight loss. Anything that has a high fibre content will keep you satiated for longer. It has a low-calorie count, so you need not worry about consuming extra calories. So, ditch those deep-fried namkeens and fryums and opt for a handful of roasted chana instead.

3. Good for your bones

Roasted chana is not only a great source of fibre and protein but also calcium. Due to this, it can be quite beneficial for strengthening your bones. If we do not have an adequate amount of calcium, we can face bone-related issues sooner than we anticipate. Prevent this by adding roasted chana to your diet and warding off all the ailments related to bones.

4. Promotes heart health

Did you know roasted chana can promote heart health as well? The presence of copper and phosphorus makes it qualify as a heart-healthy food. According to the National Institute Of Health (NIH), there is a direct correlation between phosphorus levels and heart disease risk. Enhance yours by munching on this crunchy snack and taking a step closer towards a healthy heart.
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5. Beneficial for diabetics

Even diabetics can enjoy roasted chana without any worries. Roasted chana has a low glycaemic index, which makes it ideal for them. A low-GI food means that it will not cause any sudden fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. The high fibre content in it too helps with the slow release of glucose, thus keeping blood sugar levels in check.

Roasted chana makes for a healthy and delicious snack to munch on. You can enjoy it totally guilt-free without worrying about your health. Add them to your diet and see how it transforms your health.

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