Food Blogger Tries Blueberry Samosa For The First Time. Watch Her Reaction

If there’s one snack that we Indians find irresistible, it has to be the samosa. With its crispy crust and flavourful masala, they have the power to uplift our mood at any time of the day – especially during winter when paired with a hot cup of chai. However, our love for this beloved snack couldn’t shield it from falling victim to bizarre food experiments. Following recipes like bhindi samosa, strawberry samosa, and palak paneer samosa, a bakery in Delhi has introduced the blueberry samosa. This unconventional experiment gained attention after a food vlogger shared a clip on Instagram, showcasing her reaction while tasting it.
In the clip, the vlogger can be heard expressing that the samosa, priced at Rs 65, appears highly appetizing. The samosa featured a thick, blue-hued coating, and upon breaking it open, a purple-coloured jelly filling was revealed. After taking a full bite, and even before fully chewing, the vlogger’s expression said it all. The clip concluded with her stating, “Mereko personally bilkul pasand nahi aaya.” You can watch the full video here:
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Needless to say, the internet quickly flooded with various reactions to this peculiar experiment. One comment humorously asked, “Samose ke upar Asian Paints se paint kisne kiya?” Another user expressed, “Dekh ke hi bakwas lag raha tha… khane ki kya jarurat.” Yet another added, “Jaise har peeli cheez sona nahi hoti vaise hi har tikoni cheez samosa nahi hoti.” A user cheekily remarked, “Samose toh aloo waale ho tabhi ache lagte hain, baaki sab bekaar hai.
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Observing the blue coating, some wondered whether it was served hot or cold, with one user questioning, “Is it hot or cold?” Another comment read, “Mera haath jodkar sabhi food bloggers se nivedan hai ki authentic food ko authentic rehne dein. Viral hone ke chakkar mein asli swad aur khane ko vilupti ki kagaar pe na le jaye.”

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