Eyeing the iPhone SE 4? You just must check this comparison with iPhone 14, iPhone 15, others

If you were planning on buying the new iPhone SE 4 when it comes out, using it for a short while and then selling it quickly, you might be headed for some disappointment. A new report suggests that the iPhone SE 4 value may depreciate faster than other flagship iPhones like iPhone 14, iPhone 15 and others. Although most Apple devices tend to hold their value for years, often fetching higher prices in the used market than their competitors, this revelation might come as a disappointment for those who change their iPhones quickly, especially the SE models.

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iPhone SE 4 depreciation

As per a report by SellCell, Apple’s iPhone SE series tends to lose its value faster than flagship iPhone models. For example, the iPhone SE 3 reportedly lost 42.6% of its value just a month after launch, whereas it depreciated a staggering 64.7% 18 months post-launch. In comparison, the iPhone 14 depreciated by just 45.7% 12 months after its launch, marking an 18.7% difference in comparison to the iPhone SE 3.

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This trend could continue with the iPhone SE 4, as per the report. Historically, the flagship iPhones tend to do better than the SE iPhones, which are targeted towards the budget consumer. Of all the iPhones launched so far, the iPhone 13 has depreciated the least, losing just 25.6% of its value after 6 months of launch. The current iPhone 15 has reportedly depreciated 24.8% just 3 months after it was made available for purchase.

This disparity between the depreciating values of the flagship and SE iPhone hints at a similar trend with the iPhone SE 4, which isn’t slated to launch at least until 2025. But what could it offer?

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iPhone SE 4 leaks

As per the reports, the iPhone SE 4 could get an iPhone XR-like design. CAD renders shared by 91Mobiles hint at a notch design which spells a significant upgrade compared to the current iPhone 8-esque design of the iPhone SE 3 which feels dated. Other rumours suggest the inclusion of the fancy Dynamic Island, but that would mean the absence of the notch. 

Renders also hint at a USB Type-C port and a single camera at the back with LED flash, again, similar to the iPhone XR. While these leaks promising, it is important to note that they are based on unofficial reports and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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