Enjoy Mayonnaise Guilt-Free! Try This Equally Tasty, But Healthier Alternative Today

Mayonnaise makes its way through almost every fast-food item. Be it a burger, pizza, sandwich, or pasta, it’s hard to imagine them without mayonnaise. Isn’t it? The creaminess it adds to food is just too irresistible. Not only this but mayonnaise is also enjoyed as a dip along with snacks such as momos and French fries. Let’s just say that it is one of the most loved condiments out there. However, as much as we enjoy having it, we can’t ignore the fact that it’s also quite unhealthy. Since mayonnaise contains mostly fat, it is quite calorie-dense. This makes health-conscious people avoid eating it and look for other low-calorie alternatives. But what if we told you that you could have a healthier version of mayonnaise? And that too, at home? Sounds too good to be true? Here’s a recipe for your favourite condiment that you can enjoy totally guilt-free.
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What Is Mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise is a popular condiment made from egg yolks. It also contains oil, salt, and sometimes lemon juice. It has a thick and creamy consistency and is used in several fast-food dishes. It also helps add moisture and prevents the food from getting dry. Apart from regular mayonnaise, there are also eggless options available in the market.

Why Is Mayonnaise Bad For Health?

While mayonnaise contains eggs and oil, which are both healthy fats, it also contains saturated fats. This increases its calorie count, making it quite unhealthy for us. Studies suggest that overconsumption of mayonnaise can lead to weight gain, heart problems, increased blood sugar levels, and high blood pressure. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a 100-gram serving of mayonnaise contains up to 680 calories. Considering this, a homemade version is a much healthier option than a store-bought one, as you can be mindful of the ingredients you put in.

Healthy Mayonnaise Recipe | How To Make Healthy Mayonnaise

To make this healthy version of mayonnaise at home, you just need a handful of ingredients and 10 minutes. The recipe was shared by an Instagram page that goes by the handle @nutrifitnessbydisha. To begin with, start by roasting a red bell pepper over gas. You can use the green or yellow one as well, but red helps add a slightly sweet flavour to the mayonnaise. Now, take a mixer grinder and add the roasted bell pepper to it along with paneer cubes, soaked almonds, hung curd, and garlic cloves. Add salt and black pepper according to taste, and then grind to form a smooth paste. Transfer to an airtight container and store for up to two weeks. Your homemade, healthy version of mayonnaise is ready!
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Watch the detailed recipe video for healthy mayonnaise below:

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