Drinking Beverages From Red Cups Could Lower Your Sugar Intake – Nutritionist Claims

Sugar cravings hit hard, and when they do, it’s quite difficult to resist them. If you’re a lover of sweets, you’ll surely agree with us on this. It’s true that it satisfies our indulgent cravings, but it’s not the best for our health and must be consumed in moderation. Several studies suggest that overconsumption of sugar can have many negative side effects on our health. If you’re mindful about your health, you’re likely making conscious efforts to cut down on your sugar intake. It could be by reading food labels before making a purchase or opting for healthier sugar alternatives in your food and beverages. You may have tried everything; however, were you aware that drinking beverages from red cups may also help reduce your sugar intake? This is what nutritionist Deepshika Jain said in an Instagram post and also explained how this works.
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How Does The Red Colour Of A Cup Affect Sugar Intake?

The nutritionist explains how there’s a strong link between colour and taste. The colour red is often associated with having a sweeter taste, for example, in fruits such as strawberries, pomegranate, etc. When you drink tea or coffee from a red cup, you psychologically perceive the drink to be sweeter in taste, which helps in cutting back on your sugar intake. She further states that this is something that we do subconsciously.

How Do Other Colours Have An Effect On Food?

Apart from red-coloured cups, she also lays emphasis on how we associate certain other colours. For example, the colour green is associated with sourness, as are fruits such as green chillies. Similarly, white is associated with a more intense and bitter taste like that of onion and garlic. As per the National Institutes of Health (NIH), other than red, blue, and purple are also associated with sweetness. Quite interesting, right?

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The online community was impressed by this interesting insight and left several reactions in the comments section. One person wrote, “Wow, I didn’t know about this.” A second person commented, “This is interesting.” Another jokingly stated, “Yaar mein toh steel ke glass se peeti hoon abh (I drink from a steel glass now, you know). However, some users also had doubts regarding whether this method truly works. A person inquired, “But the cup is white from inside.” “What about taste buds?” read a fifth comment.

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