DIY Maggi Masala: Now Create Your Own Blend At Home With This Easy Recipe

Whenever someone mentions ‘Maggi’, it instantly makes us salivate. This yummy snack has been our constant companion in times of sudden hunger pangs. Ready in minutes, it serves as the perfect quick and easy snack to satiate our hunger. The reason behind its incredible taste is the flavourful tastemaker that comes along with it: Maggi masala. It’s what makes this snack full of flavours and super addictive. However, since it’s ready-made, it often contains artificial flavours and additives, which are not the best for our health. What if we told you that you could replicate a similar Maggi masala at home from scratch? Yes, it’s possible. It’s super easy to make, and you’ll be surprised to see how incredibly good it tastes. Without further ado, let’s learn how to make it.
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What Is Maggi Masala?

Maggi masala is a tastemaker that comes along with Maggi. It is what gives the snack its signature masaledaar flavour and makes it so addictive. The masala consists of a mix of several different spices, such as cumin powder, onion powder, haldi powder, amchoor powder, etc. It is slightly on the spicy side, but you can always adjust the quantity as per your personal preference. If you make Maggi without this masala, it’ll just taste super bland and won’t taste as good.

How To Store Maggi Masala?

Maggi masala usually comes in small packets that are inside the Maggi noodles. This helps keep the masala fresh for a longer time. However, if you’re making it at home, you must store the masala in an airtight container. This ensures it doesn’t come into contact with any moisture, keeping it fresh. You can store the Maggi masala in an airtight container for up to 2 to 3 months.

Homemade Maggi Masala Recipe | How To Make Maggi Masala At Home

Making Maggi masala at home is as simple as it gets. All you need is a blend of different masalas and 5 minutes of your time. This recipe for Maggi masala was shared by Chef Neha Deepak Shah on her official Instagram page. To make it, start by adding salt and sugar to a bowl. Mix well and add coriander seeds powder, cumin powder, haldi, amchoor powder, methi seed powder, nutmeg powder, dry ginger powder, black pepper powder, taatri, onion powder, garlic powder, garam masala, and a pinch of saunf powder. You can mix the spices as is or even transfer them to a mixer grinder and give them a quick blitz. Your homemade Maggi masala is ready!
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Watch the detailed recipe video here:

It looks quite easy, right? Try making it at home and enjoy your bowl of flavourful Maggi. Meanwhile, here are some delicious Maggi recipes you must try.

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