Did OpenAI CEO Sam Altman just got married to partner Oliver Mulherin? Viral post suggests so

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman may have gone through a huge crisis after being fired and re-appointed within days, but he is not letting any grass grow under his feet as far as his personal life is concerned. Social media is all agog about Altman marrying his partner Oliver Mulherin today. While no official word has come from any source so far, a few photographs are going viral on X/Twitter indicating the deed is done. These photos were reportedly shared by Mulhorin, but that is not confirmed. In fact, there is still no official confirmation about the marriage at all except what is going viral on the web.

The affair came to light not a long time ago. Altman and Mulhorin were noticed together last year when they attended a state dinner at the White House. They were then reported to be staying together in San Francisco and also at a ranch in California on weekends, the New York magazine reported after an interview with the OpenAI CEO.

Who is Oliver Mulherin?

The man is an Australian who received his software engineering degree from the University of Melbourne. Yes, he is a techie too with focus on artificial intelligence (AI) projects linked to language detection and games.

Sam Altman on partner and their future

Altman had also indicated in the interview to the New York magazine that he would like to start a family. He also revealed that while he was a vegetarian, his partner was far from being one and that he preferred beef.

Altman-Mike Johnson Meeting

In other news about Altman, it is being reported that the CEO will meet US House Speaker Mike Johnson on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Reuters revealed quoting Axios. 

The office of Johnson did not immediately respond to a request for comment. OpenAI declined to comment.

Microsoft-backed OpenAI, which is the maker of ChatGPT, was founded as an open-source nonprofit, before co-founder Altman pivoted to a capped-profit structure in 2019.

In late November, Altman said Microsoft would take a non-voting, observer position on the company’s board.

OpenAI had ousted Altman on Nov. 17 without any detailed cause, setting off alarm bells among investors and employees. He was reinstated four days later with the promise of a new board.

The rise of artificial intelligence has fed a host of concerns, including the fear that it could be used to disrupt the democratic process, turbocharge fraud, or lead to dramatic job loss, among other harms. Europe is ahead of the United States on regulations around AI, with lawmakers there drafting AI rules.

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