Deepika Padukones “First Experience With Cooking” Was Hilariously Egg-Cellent

Many people’s first cooking experience is surprisingly good while others may burn the entire food. However, Deepika Padukone‘s “first experience with cooking” will leave you in splits. Taking to her Instagram Story on Thursday, the actor shared a viral video from one of her previous interviews, in which she recalls her hilarious “first experience with cooking”. In the clip, Deepika can be seen preparing a dish on the stove. While doing so, she shares an incident with the host, wherein she, along with her BFFs Sneha Ramachander and Divya Narayan, decided to cook eggs. Deepika tells how they built a fire using bricks in a picnic scenario outside their apartment. Once the fire was ready, they decided to bring eggs from the apartment.

The actress says, “Everything was ready. The fire was going. The ingredients were done and it was the last step where we just have to kind of put the eggs in.” Deepika adds that after bringing the eggs from the apartment, “We were like, ‘Where are the eggs? I brought the eggs. Where are the eggs?’ We can’t find the eggs. So I was like now forget it. Let’s just go up and bring some more eggs. And I got up because we were sitting down on the floor and I got up…” The show host interrupts, “Oh, no.” Deepika, with a big smile on her face, said, “I sat on the eggs.” The two had a good laugh about the incident. The clip concluded with Deepika saying, “So that was my first experience with cooking.”

Sharing the clip on her Instagram Stories, Deepika Padukone tagged her BFFs. She wrote, “Head chef of Operation Eggs: Sneha Ramachander. Sous chefs of Operation Eggs: Divya Narayan and yours truly (Deepika Padukone)”.

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The fan page shared the clip with a hilarious text that read, “Reason why my mom doesn’t let me enter the kitchen.”

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