Crispy And Tasty, Make Perfect Chicken Cutlets At Home! 5 Easy Tips To Keep In Mind

Chicken cutlets are one of the most beloved chicken snacks out there. Their flavorful taste and irresistible crispy texture make them an absolute delight to indulge in. They make for the perfect companion to enjoy with our evening chai and to serve as a snack at dinner parties. While it doesn’t take much time to gorge on chicken cutlets, making them at home can be slightly tricky. There are times when they don’t turn out as crispy as you expected them to. When this happens, it can be quite disappointing after putting in all the hard work. If you often face this problem, we’re here to help you out. Find below a list of easy tips that’ll make cutlets just like the ones you get at a restaurant: crispy, flavourful, and oh-so-delicious!
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Here Are 5 Tips To Make Perfectly Crispy Chicken Cutlets At Home:

1. Use good-quality chicken

The quality of the chicken makes a huge difference in how your chicken cutlets turn out. Chicken cutlets taste best when the chicken is tender and soft. You’ll be able to achieve this only when you use fresh and good-quality chicken. If you use old or stale chicken, it will have a chewy and rubbery texture. And this is something we want to avoid at all costs.

2. Marinate the chicken well

Along with the quality of the chicken, you must also be mindful of the marination process. Ensure that the chicken is well coated with all the spices. Once done, you must let the chicken sit for some time. By doing so, the flavours will get better absorbed into it, resulting in more flavorful chicken cutlets. If you skip this step, they won’t taste as good as you expected them to.

3. Coat it well with breadcrumbs

The next step after marination is coating the chicken cutlets with breadcrumbs. Before doing so, they need to be coated with maida and then dipped in beaten eggs. After doing so, make sure to coat them well with the breadcrumbs. The better-coated your chicken cutlets are, the crispier they’ll turn out. Also, remember to shake off any excess, or it can result in uneven cooking.

4. Cook on the right flame

Another thing you need to be careful about is the flame on which you cook the cutlets. To ensure they turn out perfectly crispy, keep the flame on low-medium. Avoid cooking them on a low or high flame, as this can result in undercooking or overcooking. You must also not overcrowd too many cutlets at once in the kadhai. Remember to keep flipping them in between as well.
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5. Drain off the excess oil

We know it can be tempting to dig into the chicken cutlets right away. However, you must drain off all the excess oil from them first. To do so, transfer them to a plate lined with tissue paper. This will help get rid of extra oil and ensure they maintain their crispness for a longer time. It may take a few extra minutes, but this way, your chicken cutlets won’t turn soggy quickly.

Making crispy chicken cutlets at home is not as difficult as it seems. Just be mindful of the above-mentioned tips, and you’ll be able to make them perfectly. Here’s the perfect chicken cutlet recipe to get you started.

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