Chef Ranveer Brars Dubai Restaurant Serves Dal With “24-Carat Gold,” Leaves Internet Unimpressed

Award-winning celebrity chef Ranveer Brar has yet again left the internet buzzing. No, not with another lip-smacking recipe, but with a delicacy served at his first restaurant in Dubai, Kashkan by Ranveer Brar. We are talking about Dal Kashkan, which is presented inside a wooden box and served with a tadka of 24-carat liquid gold. The dish came under the spotlight after an Instagram food page shared a clip, showing a Kashkan staff member serving the dal. The clip opens with the staff revealing that the chef mixed the ghee with liquid gold. While pointing towards the box, he adds, “Yeh hai humare restaurant ki Dal Kashkan. Jaise purane zamane mein important cheezen—jeweller, gold and diamond—log sandook mein tala lagakar rakhte the. Isliye yeh dal bhi sandook mein present karte hain. [This is Dal Kashkan. Like how earlier people used to store precious things in a chest, this dal is presented in a box].”

The staff member opens the box to show a big bowl full of dal sprinkled with spices, placed next to a small bowl. He says, “So yeh rahi Dal Kashkan.” As he pours the liquid gold on top of the dal, he adds, “24-carat dusted gold ghee on the top of the dal.” The video was shared with the text, “24 Carat Golden Tadke Wali Dal at Kashkan by Ranveer Brar, Dubai Festive City Mall.”

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In case you are wondering, the restaurant’s exclusive dish is priced at 58 dirhams (about ₹1,300).

The dish sparked a frenzy in the comments section. Several users were spotted indulging in a playful banter. A user joked, “Toh isko khaani hai ya tijori mein rakhni hai? [Are we supposed to eat it or store it safely in a chest]?”

A hilarious comment read, “Chotu gold daal or 2 silver coated naan laga de. [Kid, serve gold naan and 2 silver coated naan].”

Another user wrote, “Expensive poop the next day,” and ended with a handful of laughing emoticons.

A few claimed that this is one of the ways to fool rich people, as a user said, “How to fool rich people!”

Some called the dish the “height of stupidity.”

Would you like to try this dal dish with 24-carat gold? So far, the video has been viewed more than 8 million times.

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