CES 2024: Google Chromecast, Mercedes to Robert Downey Jr, know what was announced

CES 2024 is up and running and a plethora of amazing and innovative products have been launched. Adding to the excitement has been the infusion of artificial intelligence technology into most of these products. Clearly, top brands and startups are looking to exploit the new buzzword, but also adding amazingly utilitarian features as key takeaways for the end user. Don’t ask for the prices of course, as nothing will come cheap!

There is no shortage of crowds – 130,000 attendees and over 4,000 exhibitors are expected at the event in Las Vegas. The latest advances and gadgets across personal tech, transportation, health care, sustainability and more will be on display. Some of the instant eye-ball grabbers have been:

Google Chromecast

Google is integrating generative AI features into Android devices and it revealed how at the CES. This includes customizable, AI-generated wallpapers and suggested text messages responses. However, that is not all. Google says it has also worked on improving style. So, writing styles will range from casual to “Shakespearean.”

It also revealed that Google Chromecast is being expanded to more apps and devices, with TikTok content now able to be cast directly to TVs.

Aura and Robert Downey Jr.

The “Iron Man” has been fighting off villains on the big screen, but now, he has stepped into a new arena and taken on the digital monsters that haunt the planet. He is a board member and strategist at AI security startup Aura, he is ready to hold digital scammers to account. He was at the CES 2024.

What is Aura? This app harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to monitor and track accounts and help prevent digital crimes including scams, and identity theft. Taking the next step at the CES 2024, the company revealed that it will launch a new AI feature that will help parents identify depression, anxiety and other issues in their children’s lives by tracking their cellphone usage habits, AP reports.

So, what caused Downey to enter this new realm? The actor revealed that his own Instagram account was hacked in 2019 and that it led on from there. He added that the Aura mission statement also helped make up his mind.

Now, you can talk to your Merc

While small AI-powered gadgets are proliferating at the CES 2024 at amazing speeds, the big auto companies are not getting left behind. German automaker Mercedes-Benz has unveiled several in-car tech upgrades, including an AI-powered virtual assistant.

Mercedes boasts their new cloud-connected AI-assistant is “natural, predictive, empathetic and personal” as it works to personalize interactions between drivers and their cars. The update will pair AI with added functions for infotainment, automated driving, seating comfort and charging, AP revealed.

So, if it is cars, Google has to be involved somewhere, Mercedes-Benz CTO Markus Schafer announced a partnership with Google.

Not just Mercedes, Google is also partnering other auto-making companies (Ford, Nissan and others) to offer vehicles with pre-installed apps such as Google Maps and Assistant.

Honda Zero Series EV concepts

Two concept EV vehicles have been unveiled. Honda “Saloon” and Honda “Space-Hub”. Honda says the Zero Series approach for EV development focuses on models that are “thin, light and wise.” A huge revelation centred around minimizing battery size.

Honda Zero Series will first come to North America and it is slated for 2026. Thereafter, Honda will target other markets like in Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and South America afterward.

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