CES 2024: Google Android for cars rolls out new features; know what’s coming

The CES 2024 is going full force now and tech companies are showcasing their innovative product and services at a fast and furious pace. This year, the hot topic of the event is artificial intelligence and its entry into every facet of life including driving. A huge number of new capabilities for cars have been rolled out by all the major automakers, from Volkswagen to BMW. Software too is keeping up with this pace of innovations and one such announcement was made by Google in which it unveiled new capabilities for Google Android for cars. The announcement came with new features that will enhance Android Auto with Google built-in. Know what Google is bringing to cars.

About new cars with Google built-in

According to Google’s blog, various new Android features for cars have been announced that will make the “driving experience as safe, connected and enjoyable as possible.” Electric vehicles, which are compatible with Android Auto, will be able to utilize these benefits of Google built-in. It will enable users to share real-time battery information including estimated battery during arrival at destination. This will enable EV car users to plan their road trips effectively. This feature will first feature in the Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning.

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With Google built-in, you can stay connected, informed and entertained at the same time with the company’s new features. Additionally, Google will be rolling out the Chrome browser for some selected models of Polestar and Volvo cars in beta.

Now, the Weather Channel app will also be available and this will keep you up to date about the weather conditions such as hourly forecasts, follow-me, alerting, etc.

Lastly, Google also highlighted they it will be expanding digital car key availability which will allow users to unlock, lock and start the car right from their Android smartphones.

Google further said that it will expand its partnership with more brands to provide helpful apps and services to the automobile industry. The good news is that Android Auto is available in over 200 million cars making Google step up their Android game for the cars. As of now, we will be able to see the Google built-in features to Nissan, Ford and Lincoln models in the months and Porsche later in the future.

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