CES 2024: Create Generative AI stock images via text prompts, check what Getty and Nvidia unveiled

It’s just the beginning of the year and we are seeing multiple technological advancements, especially in AI at the CES 2024. In fact, Nvidia has taken a big leap at the CES event by introducing a number of new innovations and AI features for its products. Known for its standout chips that have taken the world of AI by storm in recent months, Nvidia has also turned to other areas. In a big announcement, Nvidia has tied-up with Getty Images and introduced their AI image generator for designers and businesses named Generative AI by iStock. Know all about the new generative AI tool and how it will work.

About Generative AI by iStock

It is an AI image generation tool which enables users to create stock photos from simple prompts. Generative AI by iStock is Built on NVIDIA Picasso which enables users to create licensed images with legal protection and usage rights, Nvidia reported. iStock is designed to cater to business needs and it is trained on the standout and massive Getty editorial image library – it will avoid generating images with trademarks or recognizable personalities.

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The Verge quoted Grant Farhall, Getty’s chief product officer as saying, “It allows users to be more efficient in their workflow and get more precise photos that they need, even something that they can’t feasibly do with a camera.” Getty also reported that it will soon be introducing Inpainting and Outpainting features to iStock.com and Gettyimages.com in the future.

Therefore, now with Generative AI by iStock designers and businesses will be able to take advantage of text-to-image generation tools to create attractive visuals within a matter of seconds. The Verge also said that the pricing of the new tool will be $14.99 for 100 prompts and each user prompt will generate four images through which users can choose based on their liking.

The CES 2024 is going with full force and it will continue till January 12, 2024, therefore, in the coming days, we will be seeing more such innovations and new products from the top brands. Additionally, various products have been already launched at the event including Nvidia’s new computer chip GeForce RTX 40 series which is built with AI capabilities.

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