CES 2024: Amazon partners with BMW to bring Alexa voice assistant to cars; Know all about it

Artificial intelligence (AI) was the buzzword of 2023, with the world’s largest tech companies incorporating this technology into their suite of products. Consequently, we’ve not only seen the emergence of new AI tools such as AI chatbots, but also its embrace by legacy organizations such as Adobe, and Microsoft. Not just in tech, but AI is making waves in the automotive world as well. At the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas, Amazon and BMW have announced a partnership that will see AI come into the fold. Know all about it.

Amazon-BMW partnership

As part of the partnership, a Large Language Model (LLM) with Amazon Alexa will be merged with the vehicle’s user manual. This move would allow users to ask anything they wish to know about their vehicle, and Alexa will answer it in a flash, without having to manually dig into the user manual.

As per Amazon, this adoption of AI presents a “more natural way of getting to know your new car”. Vehicle owners will be able to ask questions about different vehicle systems such as ADAS, ESP, ABS, infotainment, and more. Not only this, the AI system will be able to change drive modes, tweak climate control settings, set music, and more, with voice commands. It will use Alexa Custom Assistant technology (ACA) that can potentially strip away complexity and minimize distractions in the car.

This move comes after Amazon and BMW announced a partnership to develop a custom BMW in-vehicle voice assistant with Alexa in focus in September 2022.

Amazon says, “Your car is the perfect place for a voice assistant—and Amazon and BMW showcased what’s possible with new Alexa LLM-powered capabilities. These new capabilities provide a more natural way of getting to know your new car and allow it to take select actions on your behalf.”

The Amazon-BMW partnership is just one of the many key announcements made by the retail giant at the ongoing CES 2024.

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