Android 15 to introduce NFC wireless charging: What it means for you

Google’s upcoming Android 15 is gearing up to revolutionise the way we charge our devices with its new wireless charging feature via Near Field Communication (NFC). This innovation is set to extend the convenience of wireless charging to smaller gadgets like trackers, styluses, and wireless earbuds. A Shift from Qi Standard to NFC Typically, wireless … Read more

Haier S800QT QLED Series TVs launched ₹38,990: Check sizes, Google TV support and more

Haier Appliances India introduced its latest Smart QLED Series, the S800QT range of Google TV-powered televisions. The S800QT series boasts a 4K QLED display, available in four sizes ranging from 43-inch to 75-inch. With quantum dot technology, the series offers a vibrant display quality. The Haier S800QT TV range integrates with Google TV platform, offering … Read more

Google Play adds fingerprint verification for Android apps: Here’s how biometric locks will help you

In an era where convenience and security go hand in hand, Google is taking a significant step forward. Android users are soon to experience a revamped Play Store purchase verification system, with biometric authentication poised to replace the traditional Google Account password. As part of its ongoing effort to bolster security and user experience, Google … Read more

YouTube makes it difficult to use Ad blockers, third party apps as content creators lose revenue

YouTube is doubling down on its efforts to curb the use of ad blockers, expanding its crackdown to include third-party applications on mobile devices. In a recent update, the platform warned users that accessing videos via these ad-blocking apps might result in performance issues or error messages, specifically stating, “The following content is not available … Read more

AI roundup [April 16]: UK to develop AI regulations, Microsoft invests $1.5 billion in G42, more

AI roundup, April 16: The United Kingdoms in all aboard to draft country’s AI regulations on powerful tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The regulation will be set to restrict or eliminate the potential harm of the emerging technology. In other news, Microsoft will be investing $1.5 billion in a United Arab Emirates-based artificial intelligence company … Read more

iPhone 15 vs Samsung Galaxy S24: Which smartphone offers faster 5G speeds? Ookla reveals

iPhone 15 or Samsung Galaxy S24, which has faster 5G speeds? Well, Ookla has done some testing. A recent report by Ookla claims some interesting findings about the 5G performance of iPhone 15 and Samsung Galaxy S24. . The report, which includes data from February 1 to March 24, highlights that Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 … Read more

IIIT Hyderabad launches online IT MS degree programme on Coursera: Here’s how to apply online and all details

IIIT Hyderabad, renowned for its research-driven education initiatives, is set to debut its Online Master of Science in Information Technology (eMSIT) on Coursera, a prominent online learning platform. This initiative marks the first time an Indian university has offered a master’s degree programme on Coursera. The eMSIT programme is designed to integrate industry micro-credentials, facilitating … Read more

Microsoft announces plans to invest $1.5 billion in AI firm G42 for responsible AI development

Expanding its artificial intelligence (AI) push, Microsoft has announced that it will be investing $1.5 billion in United Arab Emirates-based artificial intelligence firm G42, giving the U.S. giant a minority stake and a board seat, allowing the two to deepen ties amid the global battle for tech dominance. AI has become the buzzword of the … Read more

Indians are now using dating apps for “self-discovery”- Quack Quack report reveals what Gen Z is up to

In the ever-evolving realm of relationships, a recent study by the Indian dating app QuackQuack reveals a fascinating trend among young adults in Tier 1 and 2 cities. According to the findings, a significant 35 percent of GenZ daters view dating apps not just as a means to find love but as a tool for … Read more