Can You Make A Sandwich Without Bread? This Low-Carb, Protein-Rich Recipe Will Surprise You

The humble sandwich has long held its ground as a beloved breakfast choice for many. However, as the world becomes increasingly health-conscious, many of us are looking for ways to reduce our carbohydrate intake without sacrificing the joy of a satisfying morning meal. People are exploring creative alternatives that not only cater to their health goals but also tantalize their taste buds. Enter the protein-rich Matar Sandwich without bread – a wholesome and delicious meal for your weight loss diet.
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What Can You Use Instead Of Bread For Sandwiches?

Ditching traditional bread opens up a world of creative alternatives for sandwiches. Opt for crisp lettuce leaves for a nutrient-packed lettuce wrap. Explore the versatility of whole-grain tortillas, rice paper, or even nori sheets for a unique twist. For a low-carb option, you can make a batter of dal or vegetables like peas that will work as the outer layers to create a sandwich. These alternatives not only cater to various dietary preferences but also add a delightful range of textures and flavours to your sandwich creations.

This no-bread matar sandwich recipe, shared on the Instagram channel ‘goblet_honey’, gives us an excellent morning or evening snack, which is low in carbs and high in protein from the peas, a must-have addition to your weight loss diet.
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How To Make No-Bread Matar Sandwich | Low-Carb Breadless Sandwich Recipe:

Preparation of Matar Batter:

To begin this breadless sandwich adventure, start by washing fresh green peas (matar) and placing them in a mixer grinder. Add a kick of green chillies, a dash of salt, ginger, turmeric powder, cumin, and coriander powder to the mix. Blend until you achieve a smooth paste.

Creating the Batter Base:

Transfer the vibrant green paste into a bowl, and to enhance the texture and nutritional profile, incorporate sooji flour (semolina) and a dollop of curd. Carefully add water to achieve a dense batter, being mindful not to overdo it. Allow the mixture to rest for five minutes, letting the flavours meld.

Adding the Magic Touch:

The secret to a light and airy sandwich lies in the addition of fruit salt to the batter. Mix it in thoroughly, creating a bubbly concoction ready for the sandwich maker.

Assembly and Filling:

Grease the sandwich maker with a hint of butter and pour a layer of the matar batter, allowing it to form the bottom of your innovative creation. Now, it’s time to play with your filling options – diced onions, sweet corn, juicy tomatoes, vibrant capsicum, a generous sprinkle of cheese (optional), or a dash of chilli flakes. The choices are as diverse as your taste preferences.

Finally, Making The Sandwich:

Pour another layer of the matar batter over the chosen fillings, ensuring they are fully covered. Close the sandwich maker and let it cook. As the batter cooks and solidifies, you’ll find a sandwich that looks like a regular but it’s not. The result is a protein-packed matar sandwich that redefines the breakfast game.

The protein-rich, low-carb matar sandwich without bread is a healthy breakfast that is neither bland nor boring.

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