Can You Eat Fruits Post Sunset? 3 Common Mistakes About Fruit Consumption You Should Avoid

Our understanding of food and diet is constantly evolving. Periodically, we encounter unique theories that challenge our dietary habits, leading to confusion and disruption in our routines. One such topic of controversy is the consumption of fruits. While fruits are renowned for their nutrient density, Ayurveda suggests certain guidelines for their consumption. Nutritionist Mohita Mascarenhas sheds light on three prevalent myths surrounding fruit consumption and explores their validity.

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Debunked: 3 Common Myths About Eating Fruits

Myth 1: Mixing fruits with dairy:

According to Ayurveda, fruits’ acidic nature conflicts with the alkalinity of dairy, creating ‘virudh anna’, which can disrupt the body’s metabolism and digestion. However, Nutritionist Mohita explains that there is limited scientific evidence supporting this claim. In reality, many individuals consume fruit and dairy together without experiencing adverse effects. She emphasizes that the compatibility of fruits and dairy depends on individual tolerance and preferences.

Myth 2: Avoiding fruits with meals:

Ayurveda suggests that since fruits digest quickly, pairing them with slow-digesting foods may increase the risk of fermentation and digestive discomfort. Mohita clarifies that scientific evidence backing this claim is scarce. Incorporating fruits into meals can diversify nutrient intake and enhance overall diet quality.

Myth 3: Avoiding fruits after sunset:

There’s a belief that consuming fruits in the evening may cause blood sugar spikes or disrupt sleep and weight loss efforts. However, Mohita clarifies that there’s no robust scientific evidence supporting this notion. Overall dietary balance and calorie intake throughout the day have a more significant impact on weight and sleep than the timing of fruit consumption.

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Two Essential Rules of Healthy Eating, According to the Expert:

Rule 1: Tailor your diet:

Rather than adhering to generic dietary rules, focus on balanced eating habits tailored to individual needs.

Rule 2: Listen to your body:

Understanding your body’s needs and responses helps in crafting a diet that complements your lifestyle and well-being.

Remember to prioritize healthy eating for a fit lifestyle!

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