Bill Gates Enjoys Chai From Nagpur Vendor Dolly Chaiwala, Praises “Indian Innovation”

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who is in India currently, has caused a stir on social media with his oh-so-desi post. In the clip, shared on Instagram, Mr Gates is seen enjoying chai in Nagpur. The video, featuring the local tea vendor Dolly Chaiwala, quickly garnered online, sparking reactions online. Gates, renowned for his innovation efforts, posted the video with the caption, “In India, you can find innovation everywhere you turn – even in the preparation of a simple cup of tea.” The footage also showed Bill Gates requesting “one chai, please” from the vendor. This unexpected encounter has left the internet in awe, with many dubbing it “the most unexpected collab ever.”

The video shows the skilled Dolly Chaiwala demonstrating the detailed art of preparing the beverage. The video captured every meticulous step, from boiling water, adding aromatic spices, and brewing tea leaves in simmering milk, highlighting the full process of creating this beloved beverage.
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Watch the video here:

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The clip has clocked over 14 million views in just 14 hours of being posted. 

Food delivery platform, Swiggy, left a comment, asking, “How much was the bill?”

Meanwhile, desis could not contain their excitement.

A user commented, “Bro whatttt??? What in the multiverse madrblox is this ?”

Someone said, “Crossover we never expected.” Another called it an “unexpected collab.”

A person added, “Microsoft has now hired Dolly for tea.” 

Another proclaimed that the chaiwala was the “luckiest on the Earth.”

Some, however, refused to believe that the encounter was real, stating, “I wonder if this is AI generated.”

A user aspired, “Tomorrow, I will also open a tea shop of mine. And, then, I will drink a cup of tea with Elon Musk on Mars.”

What do you think of this unexpected collaboration?

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