Bhagyashrees Til Potato Tikki Is The Perfect Choice For Elders Craving Tasty Food

It has been a long time since Bhagyashree stepped away from films. However, her social media posts serve as proof that the actress loves to keep in touch with her fans. Additionally, her culinary endeavors on Instagram enjoy a separate fan base. So, when on “Tuesday Tips with B,” the actress treated the online community to a unique potato tikki recipe, foodies were absolutely delighted. The special ingredient that she used to prepare the snack was til (sesame seeds). Highlighting how til benefits the elderly, Bhagyashree explained that they are “packed with iron, calcium, and magnesium.. the three important supplements that they require.”
Bhagyashree’s “chatpata” recipe was born out of the observation that older people are often irregular about taking their prescribed “vitamins or immunity-boosting tablets” and crave “food that satisfies their taste buds.” Thus, she introduced a “quick snack that balances both,” which could be made from a potato or sweet potato mix. Take a look:
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To begin, Bhagyashree urged viewers to boil 2-3 potatoes and place the mashed mixture in a bowl. Next, she added sliced green chilies, chopped garlic buds, and “an inch of ginger” into the potato mixture. This was followed by 1 teaspoon of roasted jeera, amchur, chaat-garam masala mixture, “lots of coriander,” and finally, a sprinkle of salt coupled with a drizzle of lime. She blended the spice-infused mixture with her hands.
Bhagyashree made circular potato balls, flattened them into patties, and coated both sides with sesame seeds. In a separate pan, she poured some oil and cooked the sesame-coated potato patties until they were golden brown. Topping the lip-smacking til-based potato tikki with green chutney, the actress served the snack to her mother-in-law. Food enthusiasts rallied in the comments, appreciating the tasty and healthy munchie.
Heaping praise on Bhagyashree’s “expertise in preparing delicious dishes,” one user found the snack “mouthwatering.” “Genuine and trusted,” noted another. “Yummy” was the sentiment on social media. Tweaking the song from Maine Pyaar Kiya, a person wrote, “Dil deewana bin tikki k maane na.” “Good one, agreed?” A person hailed Bhagyashree’s food tips as “awesome.” Left speechless by the preparation, a user simply commented, “Wow.”

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