Best Places To Enjoy The Juiciest Burgers In Delhi-NCR

If there’s one food that is the most loved across all age groups, it has to be burgers. Easy to assemble and ready in minutes, burgers can easily satisfy each and every one. A good bite of that juicy chicken/veg patty sandwiched between the soft burger buns is enough to make us drool and forget all about our worries. Be it a weekend or a weekday, burgers can be eaten any day with so much joy and happiness. If you love burgers as much as we do, here we bring you a list of burger places that are known to provide the juiciest and most loaded burgers in town. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, these places are apt for every kind of taste palate. So, cheer up Delhi people, it’s Burger O’Clock! Get ready to savour the tastiest burger in town.

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Here’re 8 Best Places To Have Burgers In Delhi NCR:

Louis Burger

Louis Burger is a cloud kitchen first launched in Mumbai followed by Delhi NCR, and they are serving up burgers fit for royalty right at your doorstep. The name ‘Louis Burger’ originates from the legendary Louis Lassen, who is credited to be the inventor of the amazing burger concept. Louis Burger takes the concept a notch higher with an interesting marriage of ingredients, sauces, and bread.

  • Where: Available for delivery across all portals in Delhi and Mumbai
  • Price for two: INR 600 (Approx)


Bringing to the table a hearty, healthy alternative, Burgrill is an eatery serving mouth-watering burgers that too guilt-free. Offering an extensive-satiating selection of Burgers, healthy bowls, wraps, subs, beverages, and much more, the brand uses the freshest ingredients including vegetables, whole chicken breasts, brown buns, and mouth-watering secret sauces.

  • Where: Order from any food aggregator app.
  • Price For Two: INR 500 (Approx)


Love big burgers? This place can perfectly fit the bill for you. The Boss Burger comes with meat, smoked chicken sausage, pulled chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce and is served with oodles of cheese that’ll please your taste buds in just a few minutes.

  • Where: DLF Place, Saket and Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj
  • Price For Two: INR 700 (Approx)

Nomad Burger

Do you love Nomad pizzas? Here’s an exciting news for you. Nomad India – the revered pizza brand has launched its all-new range of World Burgers with the name of Nomad Burger. Having captivated the country with authentic pizzas from around the world, the brand now brings Nomad Burger to your table. Prepared with delicious handcrafted buns, this new burger line not only upholds but also extends the original essence encapsulated in the tagline ‘food inspired by travel.

With exciting flavour profiles, Nomad Burger caters to all taste buds. The menu ranges from beloved Classic Burgers-such as Potato Cheese, Chicken Cheese, and Egg Burger-to an exclusive World Burger Series. Explore burgers inspired by various countries: Korea, Japan, India (featuring the Indian slush burger), Italy, Mexico, Germany (offering a bratwurst pork burger), Thailand, Tex Mex, and Swiss. The Classic Burgers come in a mid-sized portion, while the Craft Burgers within the World Series offer a larger size. Nomad Burger Kitchens are operational seven days a week from 11 am to 4 am, satisfying hunger pangs round the clock. Customers can order directly through their website or popular food delivery apps such as Zomato and Swiggy.



Get your fix of authentic cheeseburgers and crunchy sides delivered right to your doorstep! For all the veggie burger fans, Farmsworth burger is the one you must try!

  • Where: Order from their website or any food aggregator app.
  • Price For Two: INR 800 (Approx)

Aku’s Burgers

If you’re a hearty eater, this is the place you should order your burger from. For vegetarians, we recommend you to try their Master Wu with wild mushroom and non-vegetarians should go for The meister. There are quite a few sides, too. House made chicken nuggets with honey mustard mayo, skin-on French fries, onion rings and more. The fries are of three types: with salt and parsley, paprika, or truffle Parmesan and parsley, leaving us spoilt for choices.

  • Where: The outlet is situated in Defence Colony but you can also order from any food aggregator app.
  • Prices range from Rs 250 to Rs 285 for vegetarian burgers and between Rs 250 and Rs 450 for the non-vegetarian burgers.

Cafe Delhi Heights

Café Delhi Heights is known for its exquisite food offerings and presenting it in a unique yet familiar manner. From classic Indian street foods to various international recipes, this is the place for all the foodies out there. Amongst their delectable offerings, there’s one dish you all must try and that is a juicy lucy burger. This delicious burger has a fresh meat mince seasoned patty and is served with a cheese and jalapeno stuffing in a sesame seed burger bun.

  • Where: Janpath, Khan Market, RK Puram, Saket, DLF Cyber Hub & Other Outlets
  • Price For Two: INR 850 (Approx)

Burger Rani

If you are always seeking Indian flavours even in international dishes, Burger Rani is just the place to order your burgers from. Burger Rani infuses Indian street food flavours to classic American burgers. Saffron Crumbled Mutton Galouti burger is an absolute must-try. It takes you down to the kebabs-filled streets of Lucknow. Mumbai Keema Delight is actually delightful with eclectic flavours of rogan josh sauce. Masala Juicy Lucy burger stays true to its name and bursts out juicy flavours with tantalising masala in the mouth. Dilli-6 Chatpata Aloo Burger is also great for Delhi’s street food lovers. 

Hard Rock Cafe

Now you all must have heard about this place for a long time. Once you take one bite of their Legendary burger, you’ll definitely see what all the fuss is about. For vegetarians, we recommend you all to try their veggie burger, we are sure you all would have it time and again.

  • Where: DLF Avenue
  • Price For Two: INR 1000 (Approx)

So, now is the time to bid adieu to Monday blues and eat your favourite burger. Let us know which one you liked the most in the comment section below. Also, tell us your favourite burger place, we would love to try them all.

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