“Be Kind”: Sonu Sood Supports Swiggy Agent Who Stole Shoes, Draws Criticism

Sonu Sood, who is known for his humanitarian activities, recently found himself amidst criticism after extending support to the Swiggy delivery agent who was caught on camera stealing shoes. Let us explain it from the beginning. A video, captured on April 9, 2024, went viral on the internet where a Swiggy Instamart delivery agent was seen stealing a pair of black-coloured shoes from outside a flat in Gurugram. The video was posted on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) by a user named Rohit Arora, who claimed that the shoes belonged to his friend. “Swiggy’s drop and PICK up service. A delivery boy just took my friend’s shoes (@Nike) and they won’t even share his contact,” he wrote.

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Since being posted, the video amassed more than 721,000 views and hundreds of comments. It even caught Swiggy‘s attention, who promptly replied, “We expect better from our delivery partners. Do meet us on DM, so we can assist you better”.

Recently, actor Sonu Sood brought the incident back under the spotlight when he took to his social media handle to extend support to the delivery agent. He wrote, “Don’t take any action against him. In fact, buy him a new pair of shoes. He might be really in need. Be kind.”

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It seems Sonu Sood’s post didn’t go well with the internet users. More than three thousand people commented on his post, with most criticizing his idea of support by “encouraging stealing”.

A person wrote, “Asking for no action is still okay, but don’t justify it by giving nonsensical arguments. Poverty/Need is no justification for stealing. There are millions of people, poorer than this delivery guy, who work hard and earn their livelihood. They don’t steal. Justifying stealing is an insult to their hustle.”

Another comment read, “Absolutely…have seen poorest of poor not taking money dropped on the road…forget stealing…and this is a crime…shoes are not medicine or food which is essential and can’t be ignored… reprimand him and let him go but don’t justify…”

A third comment read, “Stealing is a habit. It’s not about the poor. We also didn’t have good shoes but never stole.”

A person sarcastically wrote, “If Swiggy’s delivery boy attacked and stole some money while delivering food at someone’s house. Don’t take any action against him. In fact, ask him to wait and bring some more money that is hidden inside. He might be really in need. Be kind just like Rahulhood Sonu Sood.”

A user commented, “Trust me delivery boys are not as vulnerable as we think. And even if they are, vulnerability can’t justify the stealing in any case.”

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