Ayodhyas Hanuman Garhi Besan Ladoo Earns GI Tag Ahead Of Consecration Day

As Ayodhya prepares for the historic consecration of the Ram temple, a cherished offering has achieved coveted recognition – the beloved besan ladoos of Hanuman Garhi. Renowned for their exceptional flavour, these delectable treats formally applied for and were granted a Geographical Indication (GI) designation. The primary objective of this tag is to safeguard the distinctive identity and legacy of the dish, in this case, the Hanuman Garhi Ladoos, ensuring their exclusivity to the region. Obtaining a GI tag ensures that these ladoos are officially recognized as originating from Ayodhya and possess the unique qualities associated with that specific region. This further contributes to preserving the cultural heritage and promoting the economic interests of the local producers.
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The maker of Hanuman Garhi Ladoos expressed gratitude to the government for the significant initiative, as reported by the news agency ANI. “It is a matter of great joy not only for all the citizens of Ayodhya but also for Modak Samaj. I want to thank the government for this excellent initiative. This is like icing on the cake, as we are inaugurating Ram Mandir on one hand, and on the other hand, Hanuman Garhi Ladoo has been registered for the GI tag.”

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The ladoos are famous, as Ayodhya is home to the esteemed Bajrangbali Hanuman Garhi temple. According to the belief, the darshan (sacred viewing) of Lord Ram is said to be incomplete without first seeking permission from Lord Hanuman. In Ayodhya, Hanuman is revered as the Kotwal or guardian, ensuring the sanctity of the city. The ladoos maker emphasized the fame of the ladoos, which have been a renowned delicacy for generations. “People buy and take these ladoos to distant places with them. The specialty associated with Hanuman Garhi Ladoos is that there are different ways of making them, but everybody likes it.”

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