Are You A True French Fries Lover? Here Are 5 Things Youll Totally Get

There’s something about French fries that makes us keep going back to them. From birthday parties to dinners, picnics, and more, this snack has been a part of each one of them. It’s almost hard not to find French fries on the menu whenever you go out dining. When served hot and crispy, there’s no better feeling than that. The best part is that they pair well with different dips and come in different flavours as well. Let’s just say that life without French fries would just be dull and boring. If you’re a true French fry lover, you would certainly agree with us on this. In this article, we have collated a list of certain things that you will relate to instantly and probably feel like indulging in them too.
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Here Are 5 Things Every French Fries Lover Will Relate To:

1. You can have them any time during the day

For die-hard French fry lovers, there’s no ‘right’ time to have them. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, evening snacking, or dinner, you can literally have them any time. You would’ve probably been judged for doing so several times, but only you know the joy of biting into that perfectly hot and crispy French fry. So, why should time be a matter of concern in between this joy of yours, right?

2. You don’t like sharing French fries

We’ve all heard the phrase “sharing is caring” when it comes to food. Sadly, this doesn’t apply when we’re eating French fries. A true French fry lover would want to finish the entire serving by themselves. And when someone asks if they can have some from our plate, it can be quite a difficult situation. Oftentimes, we do end up offering to look polite. However, our inner consciousness is usually screaming, “No, no, no!”

3. Deciding which dip to pair them with is a challenge

French fries are most commonly paired with ketchup, mayonnaise, or mustard. However, deciding which one to have is always a struggle. While some know exactly what they’ll choose, others get confused or end up having a bit of every dip. No matter which dips you opt for, it’s something that no French fry lover will miss while enjoying them. After all, it only makes them taste a lot better.

4. To eat before the main course or alongside it

French fries are best enjoyed alone, but they are also served with other dishes, such as burgers and sandwiches. Deciding which to have first is a dilemma. Having them first means you get to enjoy them while they are still hot and crispy. On the other hand, eating them alongside a burger or sandwich might end up making them soggy and cold. However, it also lets you relish the flavours of both dishes together.
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5. You’ve tried all different shapes and flavourings

If you consider yourself a true French fry lover, we are sure you must’ve tried all the different varieties. Whether it’s regular fries, curly fries, steak fries, or any other, you’ve tried them all! Not just the shapes, but you would’ve experimented with different flavours as well. Peri peri? Cheese? Truffle? Pepper? You name it, and you’ve tried it.

Which of these points do you relate to the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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