Apple’s foldable ambitions take surprising turn, not iPhone Fold, leak hints at foldable iPad instead

Apple’s foray into the world of foldable devices has been a long time coming, with rumors swirling for years about the tech giant’s plans. While many speculated that Apple’s first foldable offering would be an iPhone Fold, recent reports suggest that the company has other ambitions.

According to DigiTimes. Apple’s inaugural foldable device is slated to be a “larger device,” hinting at the possibility of a foldable iPad or even a MacBook. The delay in Apple’s foldable debut can be attributed to the company’s stringent quality standards. Despite collaborating with Samsung on display development, Apple has yet to find a foldable panel that meets its exacting requirements. Consequently, Apple has redirected engineers from other projects, such as the Vision Pro, to work on perfecting the foldable technology internally. This meticulous approach underscores Apple’s commitment to delivering a flawless user experience, even if it means a longer wait for consumers.

While specifics regarding the launch timeline remain scarce, insiders suggest that Apple’s foldable device may not hit the market until 2025 at the earliest. This extended timeline may disappoint those eagerly anticipating a foldable iPhone, but it leaves room for speculation about the potential form factors of Apple’s inaugural foldable offering.

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One tantalizing possibility is a foldable iPad, which has been the subject of speculation among tech enthusiasts. A redesigned iPad Mini with a foldable display could offer unparalleled portability without sacrificing screen real estate. Such a device would likely appeal to a wide range of users seeking a compact yet powerful tablet solution.

Alternatively, rumors of a foldable MacBook have also circulated, although such speculation remains less substantiated. While the idea of a foldable MacBook is intriguing, some believe that Apple’s focus should remain on perfecting foldable technology for smaller devices before venturing into the realm of laptops.

Ultimately, regardless of whether Apple’s first foldable device takes the form of a foldable iPad, MacBook, or something entirely unexpected, one thing is clear: the tech world will be watching closely as Apple unveils its vision for the future of foldable technology.

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