Apple Vision Pro used to conduct spine surgery for the first time; Doctor says headset eliminates human error

In some very exciting news, Apple’s new mixed reality headset, Vision Pro was used to perform surgery at the Cromwell Hospital in the UK. The doctor utilized the VR headset to provide navigation throughout the spine surgery of a male patient. The Apple Vision Pro headset helped to adhere to the right surgical process and use the perfect tools for the job to perform the surgery successfully. However, note that the doctor was not wearing the Apple Vision Pro but the theatre nurse who was providing instructions. Know more about the surgery with an Apple Vision Pro headset.

Spine surgery with the help of Apple Vision Pro

According to the Metro report, the VR headset was worn by the scrub nurse whose role is to prepare all the required instruments and equipment for the surgery. Therefore, during the entire surgery, the nurse kept track of the right tools and provided information from Vision Pro. Suvi Verho, lead scrub nurse at London Independent Hospital said that the technology is a “gamechanger” and “It eliminates human error. It eliminates the guesswork.”

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The surgeon, Syed Aftab highlighted that the nurse was able to see the entire plan for the surgery and the instructions provided by the device felt like he was working with someone with ten years’ experience. Surgeons use an app designed by Exes, a US-based company which is specialized in developing AI software. The app was also used by neurosurgeon Dr Robert Masson who claimed that it made the process “effortless.” Aftab also indicated optimism for the software and what it can do for the healthcare industry. With the Vision Pro being used for surgeries, Apple also announced that the healthcare developers are now in the works to develop apps for the VisionOS to transform the healthcare sector in many ways such as “clinical education, surgical planning, training, medical imaging, behavioral health, and more.” The technology will empower doctors and nurses with advanced information and the right procedure to perform surgery and more.

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