Apple iOS 17.4 update introduces transcripts for Apple Podcasts; Know what’s it about

Apple has released the iOS 17.4 update for iPhone and iPad devices which come with several new features including Apple Podcasts transcripts. This feature will enable users to get a full-text display of each episode they listen to on the Apple Podcasts app. This new feature has been added to provide users with easy accessibility and navigation. Transcripts for podcasts have been one of the most awaited features, now after installing the iOS 17.4 update, you can easily access these new features. Know more about transcripts for Apple Podcasts here.

Transcripts for Apple Podcasts

According to the Apple Support page, transcripts will provide Apple Podcasts users with the full text of an episode. This feature ensures users with ease of locating their episodes or finding the exact word where they have left off. This feature will also allow users to simply tap on the word from where they want to start listening to the podcast episode. While an episode is playing, every word is highlighted for easy tracking. Sarah Herrlinger, Apple’s senior director of global Accessibility Policy and Initiatives said, “We are thrilled to make transcripts widely available for all, adding an additional layer of accessibility to the Podcasts experience.”

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Apple said that transcripts for Apple Podcasts will improve user experience in several different ways. It will empower users to find facts from the episodes quickly to enhance their knowledge and also share it with their friends and family. Also, transcripts for new episodes will be automatically generated as soon as the episode is published. However, for older episodes, the transcript will be added gradually. Additionally, deaf users can also take advantage of transcripts as they can read the text without actually having to play the episode.

Apple’s transcript feature will be available in four languages: English, French, Spanish, and German for starters. Note that transcripts will not provide translation in different languages. Download the iOS 17.4 update on your iPhone and iPad to start enjoying this new feature.

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