Apple iOS 17.3 update: Here is one urgent reason to hit install button on your iPhone now

Apple is currently developing the iOS 18 update for its upcoming iPhone 16 series with speculated AI features. The iOS 18 version is likely to be unveiled in the summer and the launch will likely happen in the Fall period. While the new iOS update is under development, the company is bringing new and useful updates for iPhone users with iOS 17 sub-updates. And now, Apple has rolled out the iOS 17.3 update which is a major update for this year. This iOS 17.3 update has one very important feature that should have you hitting the download button instantly – the Stolen Device Protection feature.

Why iPhone users should install iOS 17.3 update

Stolen Device Protection: The biggest update that should make you download the new version is the stolen device feature, which enables iPhone users to protect their device’s data from thieves. With this feature, no one can change the iPhone’s password or turn off the Find My Device feature. This was an area that was being exploited by some people to steal the credentials from innocent users and they would find themselves locked out of their IDs. Now, the new feature has added extra precautions and steps that will need to be taken and this will likely stymie any efforts to steal IDs. Now, iPhones can be unlocked with Face ID or Touch ID to carry out any in-depth changes.

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Apple Music Collaborative Playlists: Now, Apple Music users will see a new upgrade to the app with a collaborative playlist. This feature will enable users to create a party playlist with their friends and family. It also allows users to send an emoji reaction to a specific song.

Improved crash detection feature: Apple has brought an improved version of this feature for iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models to avoid detecting activity switches that are similar to the movements of car crashes.

AirPlay 2 in Hotels: AirPlay-compatible hotel will now support streaming content from iPhone‌, iPad, or Mac. This will help users in avoiding logging into their AirPlay account to a hotel TV.

These are some of the major features of the Apple iOS 17.3 update that make it worth downloading to protect your device and enjoy the Apple Music functionalities with friends and family.

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