Anshula Kapoor Reveals Some Of Her Foodie Habits Through Instagram AMA Session

Just like her brother, actor Arjun Kapoor, Anshula Kapoor is a big-time foodie. Anshula’s Instagram family is well aware of her love affair with all things yummy. When she conducted her recent Ask Me Anything session, many fans flooded her with foodie questions. Anshula’s replies had many interesting revelations. Some of them also reflected her love for wholesome homemade food. For instance, one person asked Anshula, “What did you have for lunch?” Responding to the question,  Anshula wrote, “Cabbage, lobiya (black-eyed peas), raita and rice.” Take a look at the screengrab below:

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Anshula Kapoor is very particular about her healthy eating habits. Her meals scream nutritious from miles away. A fan wondered if she generally has a snack between lunch and dinner. Anshula replied that she was having one at the very moment. What was she having? Anshula shared a picture of her half-eaten sandwich, explaining, “Today, it is a grilled cheese and vegetable sandwich in amaranth bread.” Anshula also revealed the ingredients of her sandwich stuffing. She wrote, “Cucumber, onion, tomatoes, capsicum, red bell peppers, green mint chutney, and cheese slice.”

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When a fan asked about her breakfast menu, Anshula revealed that she relished “protein pancakes” that were loaded with fruit and nuts. Sharing the picture of her breakfast, Anshula wrote, “Protein pancakes (oats + strawberries + green apple + egg + protein powder) and some almonds and granola.” Check out the picture below:

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Anshula Kapoor has often treated the fans to glimpses of her drool-worthy cup of coffee. Hence, it’s no surprise that one of her followers was curious about the same. Anshula stated that she always prefers a cup of Americano. Along with a picture of her coffee cup, Anshula wrote, “I have an Americano every day! So I don’t have a recipe! It is literally just black coffee.”

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Are you wondering whether coffee or juice is the first thing Anshula has after waking up? It’s neither. One of the questions pertains to this part of her routine. Anshula explains that after taking her thyroid medication, she has ginger boiled in hot water, followed by breakfast and coffee. See the screengrab below:

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We look forward to Anshula’s next AMA session!

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