Amul Shares Witty Topical On Gokhale Bridge-Barfiwala Flyover Misalignment

Many commuters in Mumbai are familiar with the difficulties in crossing between Andheri East and West by road. The key connection between the two sides, the Gopal Krishna Gokhale Bridge, was demolished in 2022. Post reconstruction, one arm of the bridge was recently opened to vehicles. However, citizens were shocked to discover a 6-foot vertical gap between the bridge and the adjoining Barfiwala flyover – a critical connection for city traffic. The misalignment of the Gokhale Bridge-Barfiwala Flyover has sparked a range of reactions online.

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The bizarreness of the situation has also led to many memes and humorous videos. The popular dairy brand Amul has recently shared its witty take on this trending topic. As usual, its illustration includes wordplay to shine the spotlight on an issue of public interest.

In the design, we see the Amul girl standing at a point above the bridge and scrutinising it. She holds a string with a weight in her left hand. The text on the topical reads, “Pul ko push kaun karega?” [“Who will push the bridge?”] Amul thus employs a play on the word “pul”, meaning bridge in Hindi, and the idea of “pull” and “push” in English. At the bottom are the words, “Amul. Connects easily.”

Take a look at the topical below:

Before this, Amul had shared a topical about another Mumbai bridge. In January 2024, it celebrated the much-awaited inauguration of the Atul Setu, which is India’s longest sea bridge. “Nhava bridge will Sheva time!” the post reads. Check out the full story here.

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