Amul Butter Chai? Amritsars Tea Stall Sparks Debate Online

Chai holds a special place in our hearts. Be it to initiate a conversation or to unwind, this beverage is a must-have on the menu. From the spiced kick of masala chai to the soothing essence of chamomile tea, there is a type of tea for every chai lover. Some find comfort in the earthy tones of Kashmiri chai, while others enjoy the aromatic touch of cardamom chai. Just when you think the chai scene in India cannot surprise you further, here comes a game-changer: Amul Butter Chai. This peculiar tea recipe has ignited a spirited debate among chai enthusiasts, splitting them into two – the daring and the traditionalists.

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In a video shared on Instagram, a tea stall vendor in Amritsar takes us through the fascinating process of making the Amul Butter Chai. First, he pours packets of milk into a container, then adds rose petals, various masalas, tea leaves, and sugar. The unique touch comes when he mixes almonds and what seems like poppy seeds in another utensil, using a tool to blend them. Next, he adds cashews to the mix. Moving to a hot stove, he adds a scoop of butter to a container, adds the dry fruit mixture, pours in the tea, gives it a good stir, and serves up the piping hot concoction. 

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Watch the video here:

The unique Amul Butter Chai has ignited a spirited online discussion, with contrasting opinions. 

One user remarked, “Bro added more spices than in chicken karahi.” 

Another preferred the simplicity of tea, saying, “Tea tastes good with Assam tea, sugar, milk, and ginger.” 

A comment read, “Mix some suji also and halwa is ready,” while someone else stated, “You have ruined the fun of tea.”

Meanwhile, others defended him, saying, “Don’t understand the criticism in the comment section. He added dry fruits and rose petals to the tea, these ingredients are common in Kashmiri chai. Although the addition of butter could be new? But overall it looks good to me.”

Another user wrote, “I have been drinking butter in tea since childhood, if lips or tongue goes fast, then also use butter?? What is this?? For 20 years I have been watching my grandfather drink it.”

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