Amazon to supercharge Alexa AI, make you pay; know all about the rumoured ‘Alexa Plus’

Amazon Alexa has become one of the biggest names in recent years in the world of AI-powered voice assistants. It is quite useful when it comes to tasks such as playing music, solving queries and even entertaining kids. It can even control smart home devices such as your TV, lights, AC, washing machine, and more. However, it seems like Amazon is set to enhance its capabilities by supercharging it with personalized artificial intelligence (AI) technology. But there is a catch. To use this new Alexa AI tool – aka Alexa Plus – you will have to pay for it. And what is more, it may not even be too accurate in its answers and that is a sticking point that has been highlighted internally.

Alexa AI paid subscription

According to a Business Insider report, Amazon Alexa AI voice assistant will offer more conversational capabilities with customized AI technology. However, you will have to pay for it too! As per the report, this new service even has a launch date set for June 30. However, the launch could face delay due to issues being raised by employees with some indicating it was not ready for a roll out.

The underlying technology is called Remarkable Alexa, and Amazon has already started testing it with`15000 external customers. Employees who have gotten their hands on this service say that while the new Alexa is great at holding conversations, it does not do anything useful properly yet, Business Insider reported. At present, it provides long, and often inaccurate answers and even deflects them. It also struggles to deal with complicated commands.

As per the report, this new Alexa uses a single Large Language Model (LLM) for response generation and language understanding. On the other hand, the legacy version used Natural language processing (NLP) that “kept context history and personalization signals distributed across different parts”, the BI report stated. Then why this move? People with knowledge of the matter told BI that it was due to legacy constraints. “There is tension over whether people will pay for Alexa or not”, one of the people told BI.

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