AI roundup [April 11]: Oppo, OnePlus partners with Google for Gemini Ultra AI; Adobe is building AI video Model and more

AI roundup: In a race to bring AI to smartphones, Oppo and OnePlus partner with Google to bring the Gemini Ultra platform to smartphones. This move will allow smartphone brands to provide improved integration of AI. In other news, Adobe is currently developing its artificial intelligence text-to-video generator for which it is buying videos to train the model. Know more about such AI news from today. 

  1. Oppo and OnePlus to bring Gemini Ultra AI to smartphones

Oppo and OnePlus confirm the partnership with Google to bring the Gemini Ultra platform to smartphones. The companies are currently working on building the required hardware operating system, and ecosystem for smooth AI integration. Nicole Zhang, general manager of AI Product for OPPO and OnePlus also revealed their multiple generative AI models launched in China, according to a Moneycontrol report

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2.Adobe is buying videos for its AI video Model

To train and develop an artificial intelligence text-to-video generator, Adobe is reported to buying videos for $3 per minute to compete with OpenAI’s newly announced AI video tool, Sora. Additionally, the company is offering $120 to photographers and artists for submitting their creations for “people engaged in everyday actions such as walking or expressing emotions including joy and anger,” according to a Bloomberg report

3. US export blacklist Chinese AI chip-making firms 

 The United States blacklisted several Chinese companies in export practices. It was revealed that these companies were supplying AI chips to the military. The Commerce Department’s Kevin Kurland, an export enforcement official said that these companies are “involved with providing AI chips to China’s military modernization programs.” The Chinese companies include LINKZOL (Beijing) Technology Co, Xi’an Like Innovative Information Technology Co, Beijing Anwise Technology Co and SITONHOLY (Tianjin) Co., according to a Reuters report.

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4. Amazon Vice President of AGI share thoughts about the future of AI

Amazon Vice President of Artificial General Intelligence, Vishal Sharma shared his in-depth views on the future of AI. Vishal said, “ I genuinely believe that artificial intelligence (AI) has brought us to an inflexion point and that if we harness its power correctly, it is capable of tackling some of the biggest challenges we face as humanity.” He quoted four reasons in support of AI: AI will bring invention, Boost the availability of resources, enhance the physical world, and collaboration will bring safe use of AI, according to a press release.

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5. OpenAI founder Sam Altman in an effort to build a global AI coalition

OpenAI’s Sam Altman recently visited the United Arab Emirates to discuss how the private sector can work with countries to boost infrastructure for AI. Altman is reportedly building a global AI coalition between the government and several industry leaders to increase the supply of chips and other tech resources to develop artificial intelligence technology. A spokesperson for OpenAI also said, “As previously reported, OpenAI is having ongoing conversations about increasing global infrastructure and supply chains for chips, energy and data centres,” according to a Bloomberg report

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